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Astell STG Steam Generators 48/72/96 kW

Astell manufacture a wide range of steam generators for use either with our autoclaves and sterilizers, or for direct steam supply in the pharmaceutical, medical, food & beverage industries etc.

  Electrically Heated Steam Generators
  Clean Steam Generators
  Steam to Steam Generators
  TouchScreen PLC Controlled
  Designed with Storage Capacity
  Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel
  Stainless Steel Pipework
  Fill Tank
  High / Low Water
  Over Temp cut out
  Over Pressure cut-out
  Upgradeable to higher power
  Float Switch Level Control (water)
  Easy to maintain
  Low power standby
  Optional Stainless Steel Panelwork
  Optional Sight Glass

Astell Steam Generators are designed with peak demand in mind making them ideal for steam sterilizers or other systems that require instant steam in short, high demand systems. Stainless steel boilers and pipework reduce contamination caused by mild steel systems.

Fully programmable via the LogiColor Touch Screen Controller, giving constant information regarding:

  Pressure Vessel Status
  Pressure / Water Level
  Pump Status
  Time / Date
  Pump Status / Running / Tripped
  Low water alarm
  Programmable working pressure
  Graphical display of water level and steam pressure

The password protected control system allows instant access, including manual control and full override.

All Astell Steam Generators are controlled via the LogiColour TouchScreen controller.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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