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Bellingham and Stanley RFM300+ Refractometers

  High accuracy (±0.01°Brix)
  Robust factory model
  Easy clean prism
  Smart temperature stability
  PIN menu protection

RFM300+ series refractometers are considered by many leading companies as the ultimate instrument for installation in demanding factory environments, as well as for use as a primary quality control tool.

Since its original launch in 1992, over 5,000 models have been installed across the globe, and following a complete re-design, the RFM300+ series of refractometers still offers all the original design attributes but with a wider refractive index range, Peltier temperature control and a more versatile software structure. A shallow, easy-to-clean prism dish houses a single sapphire prism optical system protected by a sample presser that may also be used to instigate a measurement without the need to press the read button. A large sampling area on the prism surface allows measurement of not only homogenous fl uids like juices, sodas, sauces and edible oils, but also diffi cult to read samples like fruit pulps and industrial resins.

Intelligent software ensures rapid temperature response to changes in prism temperature, whilst the SMART temperature stability check makes sure that the result is displayed only when the sample is stable. A Methods system allows rapid configuration of instrument setup and provides limit checks against stored data as well as product- specific offsets and acid corrections. Over 700 readings may be stored within the instrument memory and the on-screen menu may be displayed in a number of different languages.

The instrument is available in two formats, the most popular being the 2-decimal place RFM340+ refractometer, which, following improvements to the thermodynamic control system, now has an increased measurement performance between 0-20°Brix and so reduces potential measurement error in the critical range covering fi nished products like the aforementioned juices and sodas. By improving the performance at the low end of the scale, users may now trim syrup dilution to the absolute minimum without the risk of breaching manufacturing specifications.

SG scales for sucrose are also common to the series. These scales may be used to express the relative density of pure sucrose solutions and, when used in conjunction with a product offset from within the Methods system, can express finished beverages as an equivalent SG.


High Resolution

By doing so, contract packers of beverage products may now use a refractometer in situations where density °Brix or SG is dictated as the method of analysis, whilst retaining all the measurement advantages held by a refractometer. Additionally, all RFM300+ series refractometers have the ability to display the measured result in two scale formats such as a Brix value based on SG alongside the original refractive index measurement.

Optional software is also available at point of order to allow use in an environment controlled by FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11, as well as optional devices that allow use in wet and humid factory environments, offering ultimate protection under the worst of environmental conditions.

Ordering Information

  22-30 - RFM330+ (RFM33F)
  22-40 - RFM340+ (RFM34F)

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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