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Bellingham and Stanley RFM900-T Refractometers

The RFM900-T Series of highly accurate Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers have an extremely wide measuring range of up to 1.70 RI. It also has a new 7" touchscreen display screen for use in all kinds of industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, flavours and fragrance, the device is even suitable for academic research.

Building upon our legacy

With over a century of experience in manufacturing refractometers, Bellingham & Stanley are still building on a huge legacy with their innovative designs. The device has a newly designed case which prevents damage from spills with its sloping shape and spill barrier which surrounds the steel dish which can hold the appropriate sample needed for measurement. It has a Kalrez® gasket which is used to seal the prism, which is a tough material that can withstand most chemicals.

The RFM900-T now has a bigger, yet quieter fan which functions at low speeds yet still provides the excellent control of temperature which we expect from all Bellingham & Stanley devices. The fan is positioned so that it is not affected in harsh environments and still easily accessible for maintenance.

Touchscreen display & RFID technology

The RFM900-T Refractometer has a new HD touchscreen display which enables use in various environments, even whilst wearing gloves. The touchscreen and GUI help the operator go through the user and configuration menus quickly and easily. Includes RFID swipe technology and a log of operator configuration functions.

Methods and measuring

The device allows a one-touch configuration of scale, temperature and data storage which means accurate measurements are guaranteed, with up to 4000 results being saved and pre-set limits that can be used as an audit tool. There are user-defined methods and methods which can be chosen from the on-board library, for example the PHR-MEAN method which allows a number of readings from a batch of pharmaceutical products and the resultant mean is displayed. Methods for petrochemical applications include ASTM D 1218, D 1747 and D 5006.

The refractometers come with free software which can be installed on your PC so that the device can be remotely handed by an external source and data can be recorded and monitored. This may also be used for installation or training qualification .

The RFM900-T has standard USB ports to facilitate peripherals such as external keyboards, barcode scanners and memory sticks for extracting data.


Measurement Features:

  Easy clean prism
  Wide Range - 1.30 to 1.70 RI
  Standard RI and Brix range
  User Scale Library
  Up to 6 decimal places RI
  Wide Temperature Range
  Peltier Temperature Control
  SMART temperature stability
  Auto read function

Software Features:

  7" High definition touchscreen
  Temperature Stability Checks
  Measurement Methods
  Reading Limits Check
  Calibration Log/Audit Reports
  PIN Protection
  RFID user clearance
  GLP Printout
  4000+ stored results
  Tabular form of saved results
  21 CFR Part 11
  Print to secure PDF
  Simple USB "Back-up & Clone"
  Audit Trails
  Maintenance prompts
  Remote control & diagnostics
  Display language options


  Daily Offsets
  ASTM D 2140
  Conforms to GLP, OIML; ASTM D 5006, 1747, 2140, 1218; USP/EP/BP; and operational requirements of FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11.

Ordering Information

19-60 RFM960-T Peltier temperature controlled refractometer with latest integral 7" full colour touch-screen, high definition display and USB/LAN connectivity. Supplied with pack of two RFID tags, instruction manual and certificate of conformity.

19-70 RFM970-T Peltier temperature controlled refractometer with latest integral 7" full colour touch-screen, high definition display and USB/LAN connectivity. Supplied with pack of two RFID tags, instruction manual and certificate of conformity.

22-498 Spare filters for RFM-T models (pack of 12)

22-467 Validation documentation (only) for RFM900-T IQ/OQ/PQ within pharmaceutical environments

55-14 Dot-matrix impact printer, 24 column: Serial (RS232), 230V (UK/Euro plug)

55-16 Dot-matrix impact printer, 24 column: Serial (RS232), 110V (USA plug)

54-02 Serial interface cable for printer

55-86 USB mini keyboard

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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