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Bibby Scientific Sample Concentrators (FSC400D & FSC496D)

  Fast evaporation of solvents from any sample vessel
  The unit is light and compact enough for convenient use in a fume cupboard when toxic solvents are being evaporated.
  The needlesą are made from high quality stainless steel and are specially designed for use with the Bibby Scientific Sample Concentrator. When corrosive solutions are being used, PTFE coated needles are available.
  The Sample Concentrator's gas reservoir is mounted on a fully adjustable stand for accurate height control.

The Bibby Scientific Sample Concentrator accelerates the concentration of large numbers of samples in a matter of minutes, where traditional methods can take hours. It is ideal for the life science researcher and chemist alike designed for applications such as sample preparation, drug screening, hormone assays, chromatographic analysis and scintillation counting.

Evaporation is increased by passing an inert gas over the surface of the sample to remove any evaporated solvent molecules, maintaining the concentration gradient. The gas travels through the unique patented gas chamber to the samples via the needles. The needles are inserted into a silicone matrix and can be spaced to fit varying combinations of tubes from 26mm tubes to 0.2ml microcentrifuge tubes.

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