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Bibby Scientific SBH130D/3 & SBH200D/3 Digital Block Heaters

  Extra capacity three block models
  Choice of 130C or 200C maximum temperature
  Digital setting and display
  Uniform and stable temperatures

The same precise heating and control of the two block SBH:D models but with 50% more capacity of a third block. Excellent temperature stability and uniformity is maintained via sensitive electronic controls.

All Bibby Scientific three block heaters are compatible with the Bibby Scientific Sample concentrator, for faster sample concentration.

Bibby Scientific SBH130D/3 Digital Block Heater
Block heater digital 130C three block model

618.64 (742.37 inc. VAT)
RRP 703.00 Save 84.36
25.00 UK Delivery

Bibby Scientific SBH200D/3 Digital Block Heater
Block heater digital 200C three block model

648.56 (778.27 inc. VAT)
RRP 737.00 Save 88.44
25.00 UK Delivery

For resellers, educational establishments or for larger projects, please contact us directly for pricing as you may be subject to possible discounts.

Ordering Information

SBH130D/3 - Block heater, 3 block, digital, 130C
SBH200D/3 - Block heater, 3 block, digital, 200C
SBHCONC/1 - Sample concentrator
F7209 - Needles, 76mm (pack of 100)
F7210 - Needles, 127mm (pack of 100)
FSC4NCS - Needles, 76mm, PTFE coated (pack of 100)
FSC4NCL - Needles, 127mm, PTFE coated (pack of 100)

Note: Needles must be purchased separately.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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