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Chamber Furnaces


We have a wide range of Carbolite Chamber Furnaces available.

Please select a model from below.

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1100 degC Drop-Down Door (ELF)


1100-1200 degC Rapid Heating (RWF)
1100-1300 degC Laboratory (CWF)
1200 degC Vertical Loading (VCF)
1200-1300 degC Medium Laboratory (GPC)

High Temperature

1400-1600 degC Laboratory High Temperature (RHF)
1600-1700-1800 degC High Temperature, Bottom Loading (Elevator Hearth) (BLF)
1700 degC Laboratory High Temperature (RHF)
1700-1800 degC Laboratory High Temperature (HTF)

Air Recirculating

750 degC Air Recirculating (HRF)


Dental Zirconia Sintering Furnace (CDF)


1200/1400 degC Large Chamber Furnaces (LCF)
1200 DegC Burn-Off Furnaces (SWF)

1100°C & 1200°C Laboratory Top Hat Chamber Furnaces (LTH)

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