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Castle Group dBAir GA141 Sound Meter

Measuring sound doesn't need to be complex, and it isn't with the Castle dBAir System. Simplifying the process from measurement to analysis, the Castle dBAir Sound meter is the first of its kind to send the your measurement data to your noise management portal, The Castle Cloud, through your Wi-Fi network.

This enables you to have global access on just about any device, with cable free and immediate Wi-Fi Data-Transfer.

And for those still a little uncomfortable with Cloud Software, simply plug the dBAir into your PC using the included USB cable and download the CSV file to view in any spreadsheet programme.

Castle dBAir

Small, powerful and simple to use, the dBAir was designed with the qualities to provide the best user experience possible. Simply switch on and start measuring, the dBAir takes care of everything else for you - including the transfer of data and the installation of software!

Couldn't be Simpler!

With a large colour screen and the support of The Castle Cloud software, the dBAir requires virtually no set-up so you can simply power it on and start recording.

All your measurements are available on-screen, as well as an exposure calculator so you can see who is being exposed to dangerous levels of sound even before you go back to your office.

Connectivity-Data from your hand to the cloud

Get the most of your measurements and never worry about data issues again, with vast on-board memory and data back-up in the Castle Cloud; storing, sharing and exporting data has never been easier to manage.

Data is saved in a universal format, meaning you can export reports, compare previous data, combine exposures for employees and so much more in both the Castle Cloud Software and in a standard spreadsheet programmes. Simply copy the CSV file from the dBAir onto your PC to open in a spreadsheet programme.

Miniaturised Power!

Never worry about data storage again with the dBAir's 16GB memory.

Results can be viewed on the screen or sent to the Castle Cloud Software, which enables you to access your data anywhere in the world. Data is then readily available to be downloaded for analysis on a laptop, PC or tablet.

Each instrument is supplied with a comprehensive user manual in electronic format and a laminated getting started sheet.

Data Sheet

Castle Group dBAir GA141 Sound Meter

The dBAir Range

There are 3 models in the dBAir range; the dBAir Safety, the dBAir Environment and the dBAir Safety & Environment. Each instrument is dedicated to specific applications, providing distinct benefits of powerful measurement capabilities, large storage, flexible timers and hassle free data analysis.

Every dBAir, no matter which model, makes full use of their large colour display to ensure the simplest of user interfaces and clearest presentation of results, no matter the application.

dBAir Safety

  Dedicated Occupational Safety Mode
  User Templates for Personal Preference
  Hearing Protection Database
  Voice Note Recording
  Optional 1/1 Octave Band Analysis

dBAir Environment

  Dedicated Application Specific Measurement Templates
  Optional 1/3 Octave Band Analysis

dBAir Safety & Environment

  All of the above

What's supplied with a dBAir System?

  Your chosen dBAir Sound Meter and Windshield
  Acoustic Calibrator (Class 1 or Class 2)
  Castle Cloud Software License and USB Cable
  Protective Carry Case for dBAir and Accessories
  Heavy Duty Tripod (where required)

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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