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Castle Group GA600 Calibrator Series

GA601: Single Level Calibrator (IEC 60942:2003 Class 2/C)

Most Measurement codes of practice and good practice demand that an independent acoustic calibration of any sound level meter should be made before and after a series of measurements and the Castle GA601 provides just that facility. It produces a calibration tone of 1000Hz at a level of 94dB re 20μPa at the microphone. It is supplied with a ½" cavity.

GA607: Dual Level Calibrator (IEC 60942:2003 Class 1/C)

Similar to the GA601 in design, the GA607 meets the demanding standards of a class 1 calibrator. It features two calibration levels, 94dB and 104dB re 20μPa both at 1kHz. It is for use with 1/2" microphones. Using the GA607, a sound level meter can be checked at two meter scale points and usually on two ranges. Supplied with GA690 barometer.

GA690: Barometer - For use with GA601 or GA607

IEC 60942 states that for a calibrator to be used in the Class 1 category, it must be corrected for barometric pressure. The Castle GA690 barometer is supplied with the GA607 Class 1/C calibrator for just this purpose. With a simple readout on the clear display and a correction table printed on the reverse, this is a simple process. Can also be purchased for use with the GA601

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