Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit

Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit
Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit

Featuring the first Digium developed Asterisk GUI framework, the Asterisk Appliance will bring small to medium enterprises a feature-rich, cost-effective, reliable telephony solution.

Digium Asterisk is providing the unique opportunity to obtain an Asterisk Appliance with the purchase of an Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit.

The Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit provides ITSPs, OEMs, resellers and integrators with all of the components necessary to build a turn-key telephony platform.

The Asterisk Appliance is a standalone embedded PBX. Targeted for small to medium businesses (2-50 users), and remote branch offices of larger organizations (2-50 users per site), the Digium Asterisk Appliance will feature the first Digium-developed Asterisk GUI framework. The Digium GUI framework provides simple, easy-to-use, basic configuration capabilities for open source developers to differentiate and customize their Asterisk-based solutions and applications. The Asterisk Appliance will also offer a hybrid solution alternative (a combination of VoIP applications using legacy telecom equipment) for enterprise customers who are not yet ready to migrate to a complete VoIP solution.

Kit Inclusions

The Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit was designed to allow developers to begin working on solutions based on the upcoming Asterisk Appliance. The kit includes:

Asterisk Appliance
Complete Asterisk server with Asterisk GUI framework
2-4 port FXS cards & 2-4 port FXO cards
Multi-media add-on cards
8 MB Flash
5 Ethernet ports (4 LAN, WAN)
Cables for all port types
IP phone
CD with all software
Documentation and specifications
How-to manuals
Digium support details
Asterisk memorabilia

The Asterisk Appliance also includes hardware echo cancellation, compact flash for voicemail/wireless, a built-in router, a craft port for debug, stackable capabilities, a commercial Asterisk license and built-in uCLinux.


Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit Datasheet
Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit Questions & Answers

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