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Ecom Instruments SHL 350-Ex Intrinsically Safe Hand Lamp

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The SHL 350-Ex is a robust handlamp with LED technology that is designed for industrial and firefighting applications in potentially explosive areas in zone 0 and 1, or 20 and 21 in accordance with directive 1999/92/EC (ATEX 137).

All of the important features exhibited by the predecessor model SHL 300-Ex, such as battery life and high light output, have been optimised in the development of the SHL 350-Ex. The design of the SHL 350-Ex combines ergonomics and functionality - all of the switches and displays are arranged in a concentrated manner and are operable with just one hand.

The use of three 3-watt high-power, state of the art LEDs ensures that it is not only the brightest hand lamp of its kind, but also that an extremely high level of operational reliability is maintained. This is due to an LED service life of 50,000 hours and the intelligent control system that ensures a high light output even if one of the LEDs fails.

A new feature is the temperature-compensated battery capacity display, which guarantees an accurate reading of the battery charge level at any operating temperature.

In addition, the requirements of the firefighting equipment standard (DIN 14642) for explosion-protected hand lamps have also been taken into account during development.

The SHL 350-Ex is therefore also extremely suitable for use by firefighting services.

Emergency lighting and flashing light functions are naturally also integrated in the hand lamp. The optional diffusing and coloured filters are fitted within easy reach underneath the pivoting head.

The charging station has also been designed for easy use and single-handed operation.

Regardless of the direction in which the SHL 350-Ex is inserted into the charging station, it engages fully and securely.

The hand lamp is seated so securely in its charging station that it can theoretically even be mounted upside down.

Key Features

  Zone 0, 1, 20 and 21 certified
  Approx. 10,000 lux at a distance of one meter provided by 3 highpower LEDs
  Flashing mode
  Can be dimmed between a brightness level of 25% and 100% (in 25% brightness levels)
  LED service life of approx. 50,000 hrs
  Robust, anti-static housing, IP 65
  Pivoting lamp head
  Optimum weight distribution, thereby ensuring optimum carrying comfort
  Temperature-compensated, 5-part battery capacity display
  Emergency lighting functions with high luminosity

Scope Of Delivery:

  SHL 350-Ex
  Battery (integrated in the hand lamp)
  User manual
  Carrying strap


  Diffusing filters in red, green, yellow, blue and uncoloured, diffused
  Charging station for mains operation
  Charging station for vehicle operation
  Carrying strap

Download Area

  Declaration of conformity

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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