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Ecom Instruments i.roc x20 (-Ex) Pocket PC Range

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the i.roc Ci70-Ex Intrinsically Safe PDA.

The ecom i.roc x20 (-Ex) is a high performance industrial PDA based on Windows MobileTM, with compact external dimensions, an integrated WLAN, USB, BluetoothTM and an IrDa port.

Trend-setting success - The success of our industrial PDA i.roc x20 is an excellent example of how the use of mobile solutions can help optimise profitability and efficiency of your company.

Whatever the size and type of business, there exists opportunities to further optimise production flow and data transfer. Customised and wisely applied mobile information technology can detect and utilise these opportunities, thereby helping to make the company more profitable. For process controlling this means continual identification and diagnosing of faults in order to make the correct decision for production flow. At management level, intelligent information systems can prevent the occurrences of standstill and waste, improve production performance and therefore help guide the company to higher efficiencies.

Application of state-of-the-art technology - The XScale processor, the operator interface featuring different Windows mobile operating systems, the impact resistant TFT display with touchscreen function and the extensive range of equipment and accessories all got to make the i.roc the perfect tool.

The i.roc product concept is truly impressive, with its innovative power and flexibility allowing the early adoption and application of new ways of working in hazardous areas.

The long term product strategy with HP further guarantees investment security for our clients.

Concept - Many PDAs provide the possibility to integrate barcode scanners or RFID reading devices via CF card slot.

The i.roc x20 features the considerably more flexible way of integrating modules by interface into an individually designed casing. The dustproof and water-proof casing, consisting of three parts, facilitates customised hardware.

i.roc 420

Versatility by flexibility - Ecom instruments already provide customised and flexible solutions for mobile applications in a variety of industries in co-operation with partners such as HP, Deister electronics, microsensys and Barcodat.

Active and passive RFID Tags - Especially when using RFID the customer and his application finally decide which kind of frequency, tags and reading devices are used. In cooperation with solution partners ecom instruments has developed optimised RFID modules especially for mobile applications.

These guarantee the highest level of flexibility and freedom of decision.

i.roc 620-Ex series

Key Features

  Ruggedised, IP 65
  Flexibly applicable
  Extensive equipment
  Individual solutions for customers (even for low quantity requirements)
  Integrated WLAN and Bluetooth
  Handwriting recognition
  One-hand operation
  Open system platform for easy integration 2D barcode imager - All common linear bar codes as well as 2D codes with high amounts of data and integrated security features, such as Aztec or DataMatrix, can be read directly. Complete labels can easily and rapidly be scanned using the integrated CMOS camera.

According to the needs and requirements of the client also other reading systems, like classic laser scanners, can be applied.

Interfaces - With the demand for efficiency of production and logistics, it is essential that high quality radio transmission solutions are available.

The i.roc x20 provides adaptability, so that the latest technology can be applied. Depending on individual requirements, different ways of communication can be selected on the i.roc x20.

Online access can allow direct access into the company. Both WLAN and Bluetooth interfaces are integrated as standard, allowing serial point to point connections or network access.

i.roc 520-Ex series

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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