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Ecom Instruments X.com 40x, 5xx & 6xx Mobile Phones (Various Zones)

This product is now obsolete. To see the latest Ecom range, please click here.

X.clusive, X.treme X.plosion-proof - the x.com. It is the first mobile phone with an integrated acceleration sensor and GPS receiver for providing dead man's alarm and location of workers in emergency situations. The robust housing offers a high level of stability and durability against shocks and is also dust tight and splash proof according to IP64.

The x.com mobile phone series provides you with reliable and safe communication for your daily work inside the Ex-area.

This extremely robust mobile phone meets your high industrial requirements according to the IP64 protection rating and is specifically suitable for demanding and loud environments.

The x.com supports GSM 900/1800 networks worldwide, so that you are flexible and can stay in touch. Besides the classic telephone functions, you can send and receive E-Mails and text messages everywhere. And with predictive text input (T9), messages are quickly written.

The x.com can be connected via Bluetooth to various Bluetooth-capable devices. For example, connect your mobile phone to a PC and synchronise your contacts. The integrated organiser functionality allows you to note appointments in the calendar or to be reminded about tasks.

Key Features

  Dual band mobile phone for GSM 900/1800 networks
  LCD display with 65,536 colours
  Data transmission via GPRS
  Java™ MIDP 2.0 - platform
  Integrated Office functionality
  Synchronisation with MS Outlook or Lotus Notes
  Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 2500 mAh or 2000 mAh in the Ex-versions
  Man down sensor and GPS (version xx1)

Xcom 5xx Range

Xcom 40x Range

x.com versions xx1 and higher are fitted with an 3D-acceleration sensor and the most up-to-date GPS chipset. The integrated acceleration sensor detects the position of the x.com user and is able to activate an automatic alarm in case of emergency.

The integrated GPS chip supports the exact location of people in an emergency situation. When the mobile phone sends an alarm, the current position data of the GPS chip is transmitted via SMS to a tracking software application. Please note that positioning using GPS is dependant upon the local physical surroundings. Emergency situations can be recognised quickly and appropriate rescue operations can be initiated.

The x.com is available as an industrial version 40x without explosion protection and as the explosion-protected versions for Zones 1 / 21 (60x) and Zones 2 / 22 (50x). You can also select between the robust standard GSM version x.com x00 and the version x.com x01 with an integrated 3D-acceleration sensor and GPS receiver*.

* All versions of the x.com can be combined in any way (e.g. the x.com 601 is a Zone 1/21 mobile phone with an integrated 3D-acceleration sensor and GPS).

Xcom 6xx Range

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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