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Genlab General Purpose Incubators

The GENLAB General Purpose Incubators offer a range of highly efficient, reliable, cost effective units to suit most biological analysis, research and general laboratory applications.


  10 sizes 6 to 200 litres
  Temperature range: ambient +5 to 100degC without fan/ambient +5 to 70degC with double door/ambient +5 to 60degC with window/ambient +8 if fan fitted
  Fluctuation +/- 0.25degC at 37degC
  Easy clean powder coated body
  Aluminium coated mild steel chamber
  Direct reading thermostat
  Safety overheat thermostat
  Full two year warranty
  C.E. compliant


The exterior is constructed from sheet steel finished in an easy clean powder coated paint. The interior chamber is made from mild steel coated with aluminium (CLAD) with a stainless steel chamber available as an option.

Fitted with fixed shelf runners and removable chrome plated wire grid shelves. The top vent is fitted with a clip to hold a mercury in glass thermometer.

The vertical style units are fitted with the controls below the door, the horizontal style units with the controls fitted on the side.

The incubators have a solid steel door as standard or as an alternative a door with an integral viewing window (VIS) can be fitted.

As an option a double door, comprising steel outer with an inner glass door is also available.


Heated by Incoloy sheathed elements; positioned below the chamber floor for natural convection units and fitted around the fan on the back or side wall of the chamber for mechanical convection units.

The 200 litre units have fan circulation as standard.


The control system comprises of a direct reading thermostat and overheat thermostat both with calibrated scales and tamper proof locks. They also include main switch with indicator and heat and overheat indicators.

Options include a PID Microprocessor controller with dual displays of set point and actual temperature, which are auto-tuned for each individual unit to optimise the heat up, overshoot and control of temperature.

Data Sheet

50 litre Incubator with Digital Control (INC/50/DIG)


  Stainless steel chamber
  Fan circulation (30 litre +)
  Alternative door with integral viewing window
  Double door (solid outer, clear inner)
  Microprocessor digital controller with dual display of set point and actual temperature
  Other accessories available on request


The veritcal style incubators in this range are the MINI/6, MINI/18, MINI/30, MINI/40, MINI/50 and MINI/75. The horizontal style incubators are the INC/50, INC/75, INC/100, INC/125, INC/150 and INC/200/F.

All units have CLAD interior with thermostatic control as standard.

Where options are required simply add the option code to the original reference.

i.e MINI/75 with stainless steel interior and digital controller becomes MINI/75/SS/DIG

Option Codes

  Stainless steel / SS
  Fan circulation / F
  Viewing window / VIS
  Double door / DD
  Digital control system / DIG

75 litre Incubator (MINI/75)


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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