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Grant Instruments GLS400 Linear Shaking Water Baths

This product has been replaced by the GLS Aqua Plus Series.

Based on Grant Instruments's highly successful Optima series of stirred water baths, the GLS400 shaking bath system offers a simple, safe and versatile solution for linear shaking applications in the laboratory.

The unique magnetic shaking mechanism avoids the use of a complex exposed mechanical arm for total safety, whilst optimising useable working volume. Grant Instruments's Intelligent Control Optimisation (ICO) ensures accurate and precise real time adaptive PID temperature control for varying liquid volumes.

Sample trays can be exchanged in just a few seconds for high throughput applications and easy cleaning.

  Precision digital temperature control
  Ambient + 5 deg to 99 degC operating range
  Stability +/- 0.1 degC
  Adjustable shaking speed
  Range of convenient programmable functions


  Stainless steel tank with smooth lines - easy to clean and keep clean
  Robust magnetically coupled shaking mechanism - safe, reliable, durable, space saving
  Unique 'Navigator' rotor makes set-up of temperature, shaking speed and other functions quick and easy
  Grant Instruments's Intelligent Control Optimisation ensures precise temperature control for varying liquid volumes
  Variable high temperature alarm setting plus convenient timer function with audible alert and shaker control
  Clear LED display, easy to read even from a distance

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