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Hach Lange DR2800 Laboratory Analysis Spectrophotometer

This unit is now obsolete.

Wastewater, drinking water and process water - the HACH LANGE system stands for optimal water analysis. A unique selection of perfectly harmonised components guarantees individually accurate solutions. Its rugged design and intuitive handling make the DR 2800 the ideal spectrophotometer for economical, efficient and routine analysis.

  Simple and highly precise: automatic test identification and a 10 fold measuring system performs an outline elimination of any abnormal results

  Time-saving and innovative: evaluation in the open cell compartment

  Intuitive operation: touchscreen with easy to understand menu

  Fast and practical: transfer of stored measurement data and updates with a USB stick

  Robust in the field: the DR 2800 is waterproof and, with its efficient battery, very suitable for portable use. Ideal with the portable water laboratory

  Standard-comparable and reliable: innovative Cuvette tests with the simplest of handling

  PERMACHEM powder pillows

Data Sheet

Especially robust in the laboratory and in the field...

The reliable optical system of the compact DR 2800 ensures precise results. Each wavelength is individually selectable, 50 user methods and up to 500 measured values can be accommodated in the data storage.

Thanks to the variety of cell sizes, a wide range of measured parameters can be covered, from trace analysis to high concentrations in electroplating baths.

Easily understandable menus and the large touchscreen minimise familiarisation and prevent errors from occurring.

The ultimate in simplicity- Cuvette tests with laser identification...

Just insert the cuvette-everything else is automatic.

A laser identifies the cuvette from its barcode. The DR 2800 calls up the correct test data.

As the cuvette rotates, it is measured 10 times and any readings that are distorted by soiling on the cuvette are automatically eliminated.

The measurement result is shown immediately in mg/l. All without even having to push a button!

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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