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When was your last calibration?

You measure pH frequently-perhaps several times daily.

You are aware that the pH says a lot about the quality of a sample, and the processes for which you are responsible. Especially in the treatment of wastewater and drinking water, conductivity and oxygen play a key role in many applications.

Whether in the field or in the laboratory, you have to be able to rely on the readings of electrochemical parameters- at all times.

Have confidence in your pH, conductivity and oxygen readings!

High Quality Digital-HQD means complete, coordinated, stable meters with practical accessories and intelligent electrodes.

What makes HQD special is the newly developed INTELLICAL electrodes, which store all relevant characteristic parameters in digital form.

In practice, this means they measure pH, conductivity and oxygen correctly-more reliable, flexible and simple than ever before.

You prefer plain language? HQD too!

HQD communicates clearly-this was a priority for HACH LANGE. Clear, legible text on the illuminated display.

The intuitive menu structure is easily user friendly and ensures smooth, error-free handling. From one-touch measurements to the programming of complex tasks, you will appreciate the plain language of HQD! Calibration? HQD reminds you!

Reliable pH readings are now very simple. You set the interval between calibrations to suit your own situation.

HQD reminds you when recalibration is due. Furthermore, you can also define the calibration quality by entering requirements with regard to the slope.

Our pH and conductivity electrodes have already passed their baptism of fire!

Our INTELLICAL electrodes are the proud result of more than 50 years of glass blowing craftsmanship.

In cold drinking water, heavily polluted wastewater or low-ion process water-you benefit from their minimum response times, maximum calibration stability and long service life.

Naturally, this also applies to the outdoor electrodes made of stainless steel, which remain intact even under the most trying conditions. Cables of up to 30 m in length enable digital data transmission from previously inaccessible measurement locations, e.g. lakes, boreholes and bridges-even for pH.

Why calibrate, when you could be taking readings?

Forget it-calibrating O2 electrodes is history! Today there is LDO-the dissolved oxygen sensor without drift, without electrolyte, without membrane clogging.

The new measurement principle (LDO stands for Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen) has revolutionised oxygen measurement.

Instead of frequent calibration and electrolyte replacement, you simply change the sensor cap once each year. Using LDO saves time and money-from the very first day, in every application.

  Digital INTELLICAL electrodes are recognised automatically - Outstanding reliability and simple handling

  Digital INTELLICAL electrodes and meters are geared to each other and are interchangeable (Mix + Match principle) - Flexible and efficient,

  Ideal for use with varying applications - The calibration data is stored in the INTELLICAL electrodes, and the control intervals can be programmed to enable application.

  Specific status checks - Correct results in the shortest time possible

  Stable, ready-to-use INTELLICAL oxygen sensor with luminescence (LDO) technology - Reliable O2 results.without calibration or replacing the electrolyte

  All INTELLICAL electrodes with integrated temperature sensor - Time-saving automatic temperature compensation

  More than 50 years of experience in developing and making electrodes and instruments for use in the field and in the laboratory - Competent support through innovative technology and comprehensive applications know-how

  Large illuminated graphic display. Results and operating instructions in plain English - Immediately understandable and easy to read, even in difficult light conditions

  One-touch measurement and user programming through intuitively understandable menus - Optimal handling for every user

  Automatic measurement with the progress of the stabilisation of the reading shown on the display. User-defined measurement interval (data logger) - Reliable, error-free measurement in all conditions

  Freely selectable calibration interval, slope tolerances and standard control solution - Reliable readings at all times

  USB, PC, printer and keyboard connections, with all read and write functions - Complete GLP-compliant communication and documentation, also via LIMS

  All the necessary information about each reading is automatically saved - Full GLP data management

  Password-protected programmes and settings - Accidental changes to settings are excluded; outstanding operational reliability

  Digital INTELLICAL electrodes with maximum calibration stability, service life and minimum response times - Reliable, high-precision, high-accuracy readings

  pH and conductivity electrodes in various designs for use in the laboratory and in the field - Versatile electrodes for all applications, e.g. wastewater, drinking water, process water

  HQD meters, rugged and waterproof (IP 67), mains and battery operated, power-economy mode, large memory for 500 readings - Ideal for portable use

  Rugged outdoor electrodes with cables up to 30 m long without interferences thanks to digital technology - Reliable results from inaccessible measurement locations and over long distances - even for pH

  Drift-free LDO sensor - No calibration, no polarisation

  Luminescence-based LDO technology - No replacement of electrolyte, no interference by deposits or H2S

  INTELLICAL LDO technology with an automatic reminder to change the sensor cap each year - Error-free results with minimum effort

  Flow-free sensor without O2 consumption - Precise and accurate measurements at high and low O2 concentrations

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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