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Hach Lange ORBISPHERE 3100 Portable LDO Analyser

Hatch 3100 is built with Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Technology which is integrated into OBISPHERE 3100.

Hash 3100 is guaranteed to improve process e ciency and would provide far more accurate results of dissolved oxygen measurement than any of its competitors. It is used by industrial and power industries for both laboratory and process environments to measure the amount of dissolved oxygen present at a ppb level.3/4th robust design which would ensure endurance amongst ahrsh environments and 3/4th Fast response time which would measure accurate measurements thereby improving the process efficiency.

It enables direct data transfer using a USB key and a relatively simple identification of sample points would end up providing measurements which would be unaffected by operator interference. The operators however would also be provided with a password protected supervisor access option for system set-up.

OBISPHERE 3100 is capable of recognizing when a service re-calibiration may be required and informs the operators instantly. It also has a built in alarm system which enables the operators to instantly see whether production processes are in place and thereby enabling the user to make the correct decisions almost instantaneously.

OBISPHERE3100 is designed with the aid of a stainless steel IP66 which can also endure harsh environments specifically those of breweries and power plants. There is no need for any additional chambers or sensors as all those accessories are integrated into one portable layer.

It also has a relatively fast response time thereby making measurements extremely efficient and accurate. The efficiency of OBISHPEHERE is made possible through optimized electronics thereby minimizing the sample path and taking in rapid and accurate temperature measurements.

Operators also have the capability of measuring dissolved oxygen levels in small packages and at-line with an accuracy of 0.6ppb along with a response time of just under 15 seconds.

Hach Lange ORBISPHERE 3100 Portable LDO Analyser

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

DGK3100-MB100 Beverage kit including: instrument, external power supply, EU power plug, 3m inlet tubing, tools kit, user manual.

DGK3100-MI100 Industrial kit including: instrument, external power supply, EU power plug, 3m inlet tubing, tools kit, user manual.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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