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Hach Lange REFO Glossmeters

REFO 3 and REFO 60 - Brilliant achievements of LANGE technology

LANGE sets standards in gloss measurement.

LANGE's glossmeters are precision instruments built to the latest state of the art, producing certifiable results as demanded by DIN 67530, ISO 2813, ISO 7668 and BS.

The glossmeters feature an automatic calibration system that calibrates the instrument at the touch of a button to the black glass standard A described in ISO 2813 or alternatively, for REFO 3D and REFO 60D, to standard according to ISO 7668.

LANGE's reference beam technology guarantees a measurement verified twice.

REFO 60/60D - Fundamental gloss

For accurate routine checks. Begin objective gloss measurements with REFO 60. REFO 60 is conceived for accurate gloss measurement during production, i.e. measuring, deciding and correcting while production is in full swing. At the touch of a button the result appears immediately on the display and REFO 60D stores it for later evaluations. This handy glossmeter goes with you to all places of production.

With the 60°-geometry for a wide range of application The 60° measuring geometry is the best angle for standard gloss measurement from physical and optical points of view. The measuring accuracy in extreme high-gloss and matt ranges is satisfactory for routine purposes.

Additionally, REFO 60D measures metallic surfaces using the metal standard.

REFO 3/3D - The gloss professionals

The IP67 rating means the Pocket Colorimeter II will For best flexibility and measuring accuracy.

REFO 3 is an easy-handling portable glossmeter with a three-angle geometry which is perfectly suited to each and every field of gloss measurement: be it in the lower range of matt surfaces (85°-angle), in the mid (60°) or highgloss range (20°) - it always provides precise and guaranteed results. To measure metal surfaces, REFO 3D is calibrated against the metal standard specified in ISO 7668.

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