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Hawker Electronics - 990 Signal Processor

For use with all standard Liquid Level Sensors

  Simple set up menu
  Isolated output
  mV and mA transducers
  RS232 serial communications
  Built in simulator
  Negative offset compensation
  Unique display feature
  Forward or reverse acting
  DIN mounting

The Type 990 is a signal processing unit that takes a signal from an input device such as a level sensor, normally situated in a vessel. It provides an analogue and digital retransmission output, which is generally used for indication, control or alarm applications.

The unit accepts signals from a wide range of remote instruments, including the Hawker Flexicap, Sondaloop and other pressure transducers and transmitters.

Once it has been calibrated, the input signal is displayed on the internal LCD as a percentage in the range of 0 to 100.0. The user may calibrate the LCD full scale percentage over any part of the vessel. The retransmission output provides an analogue current and voltage proportional to the user calibrated input, as well as a digital transmission communications link via RS232. Other special functions can be programmed by the user, such as a reverse acting display or reverse acting transmission output, which are accessed through the Type 990 menus.

The Type 990 provides power for transducers or loop powered transmitters and can accept a direct signal input for a transmitter with an external power supply, ask for connection drawings.

The Type 990 can be set to run in 'simulator mode' where it effectively becomes a precision current or voltage source, this is useful for calibration during commissioning, and for diagnostic purposes.

Setting up is simple using only 2 pushbuttons and the LCD on the front of the unit, which provides very accurate and fast commissioning.



Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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