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Hawker Electronics - DC1P Conductivity Level Control

Control between two levels or High or Low Alarm with one controller

  Low power DC supply
  Timer feature
  Eco friendly
  Low running costs
  Adjustable sensitivity
  Full isolation
  Works in sewage & chemicals

DIN rail mounted level controller with close switching differential. Fully adjustable sensitivity between 200 ohms to 18,000 ohms. Switch selectable fail to safe operation. One set of volt free changeover contacts with LED for relay operation and also a power on LED. Selectable Timer to allow run on/run off and avoid problems due to wave action/splashing. AC signal to the probes to avoid electrolysis. Supply voltage 24v DC.

Principle of Operation - The controller in conjunction with Hawker electrodes is used to detect the presence (or absence) of a conducting liquid in a vessel. When the liquid is detected the DC1/P controller de-energises or energises a relay depending on the fail safe setting and provides the user with a set of volt free changeover contacts. The unit may be used for pump control or for high or low alarms. The DC1/P operates from 20-27VDC supply reverse polarity protected, and generates a 10VAC supply to the electrodes. The AC supply is critical to prevent electrode corrosion due to electrolytic action.

Close Switching Differential - The DC1/P incorporates the unique Hawker circuit used on its conductivity operated controllers which allows operation in high earthy liquids such as foaming sewage with entrained solids, seawater and chemicals.

Fail Safe Feature - Set by a switch on the front panel. The control relay will revert to the alarm state in the event of a power failure. Fail Safe Low is for emptying or low alarm. Fail Safe High is for filling and high alarm.

Timer - The timer switch has four settings, OFF, 2, 6, and 10 seconds. Erratic switching caused during fast filling and wave action can be overcome. The delay will also allow for a run on so that a manual varying OFF position can be set to obviate scum levels.

Sensitivity - The input switching point is adjustable between 200 and 18,000 ohms which suits most applications.

Master/Slave Feature - The DC1/P develops its own AC from the incoming DC supply. When more than one controller is being used together in the same tank (or with a group of electrodes) it is important that the two controllers are in the same phase to prevent interaction. One controller will act as the master with any other controller being a slave.

Mounting Details - The DIN mounted controller is designed for panel mounting with all user adjustments concealed below the clip on cover to prevent tampering. Terminals are at the front of the unit to facilitate fault finding and checking.



Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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