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Hawker Electronics - Flexilevel 2

Level Indicator/Controller for Capacitive, Ultrasonic, Hydrostatic Level Transducers

  Programmable display
  4 control relays
  AC or DC supply
  Sensor failure alarm
  24V isolated supply

The FXL2 Flexilevel 2 provides digital indication with 4 control/alarm relays for use with loop powered transmitters, such as the Hawker Flexicap, Sondaloop, and Pressure transmitter. It will accept most milliamp signals from self powered systems, an integral 4 button keypad and display allows the user to programme the various functions to suit the application in hand. No programming experience is necessary. Using a simple 'menu' procedure calibration and mode operation are programmed as follows:

Zero and Span - similar to analogue instruments. These are set using the milliamp signal generated by the transducer when the vessel is empty and full, or as near full a possible.

Scaling - the digital display can be scaled 0-100% or in engineering units to provide any numerical display commencing from 0000 to 9999, e.g. 0000-2500. The decimal point can be positioned as required. Control/Alarm Relay - each of the four relays has fully adjustable hysteresis such that it can be energised at any point of the range and de-energised at any point thus providing a wide differential for pump or valve control, or small differential for alarms or close control. Fail safe high or fail safe low is determined by the de-energised level being set higher, or lower than the energising level.

Re-transmission - isolated milliamp and voltage signals commencing from low scale are provided. These can be used to drive an analogue indicator or graphics for VDU etc. The re-transmission signals can be made reverse acting i.e. decreasing for increasing input signal such as maybe required for depths below datum as often used for borehole applications.

Failure Relay - this de-energises should the milliamp input signal rise above or fall below the programmed zero and span values, allowing an alarm to be raised for short or open circuits in the loop powered systems.



Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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