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Honeywell Analytics ToxiPro Portable Single Gas Detector

ToxiPro with its real time reading, two-color visual alarm, and two-tone audible alarm is the single gas detector for “demanding” users

ToxiPro is a durable, high performance portable unit designed to offer single gas detection in tough environments. Optimised to deliver enhanced safety to workers and a cost-effective ongoing use over product life, ToxiPro provides clear alarm status cues that demand attention.

Highly visible bright red and yellow LEDs effectively warn users of dangerous conditions, whilst the device’s optional vibration alarm ensures workers are alerted to dangers even in high noise environments. Providing real-time Peak, STEL and TWA readings on a clear backlit LCD display, ToxiPro includes a blackbox recorder feature that allows the device to automatically datalog up to 100 sessions, including measurements and time history data. When used with the ToxiPro IQ Express docking station, the ongoing calibration and bump testing of ToxiPro can be reduced by up to 60%. The IQ Express docking station is able to deliver fully automated bump test, calibration, meter diagnostics and data download, providing considerable savings over product life and reducing the time spent carrying out ongoing maintenance activities.

Tough durable housing

  Small, lightweight design
  Robust, shock-resistant housing

Ultra clear backlit display

  Fully illuminated backlit LCD
  Easy to read with clear data display
  Continuous, real-time gas readings
  Peak, STEL and TWA readings

Effective gas alarm indication

  Highly visible bright LED visual alarms (red and yellow)
  Distinctive loud two-tone audible alarm
  Vibration alarm that demands attention in high noise environments

Designed for tough environments

  IP66/67 rating
  Alarms that demand attention in all hazard locations
  Automatic blackbox datalogger

Cost-effective ongoing use

  Field serviceable
  When used with optional IQ Express docking station, the ongoing cost of bump testing and calibration is reduced by up to 60%

Integral datalogging

  Includes a blackbox datalogger that automatically logs up to 100 sessions
  Can be upgraded to a full datalogger if required

Find out more by reading our data sheet below:

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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