Horiba LAQUAact D-70/ES-70/OM-70 Series Horiba LAQUAact D-70/ES-70/OM-70 Series

Horiba LAQUAact D-70/ES-70/OM-70 Series Water Quality Meters

Laboratory use capability - The optional electrode stand offers excellent manoeuvrability, allowing the electrode to be moved up and down, and from left to right, easily with one hand. Easy-to-view large display shows two measurement items simultaneously - The measurement values are easily visible on a display that is about 40% larger than those of our conventional products. Two measurement values can be displayed on a single screen.

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Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

*Models compatible with two item measurement: D-73, 74, 75

Chemical resistant - The polycarbonate resin casing is extremely chemicalresistant*, so can be cleaned using alcohol.

*Resistant to alcohol, weak acid, bases and oil.

Various data processing - The built-in data memory can store 1000 items, and connecting to a computer allows measurement data to be collected. Output to a GLP/GMP-compatible printer is also possible.

*An optional cable is necessary to connect to a computer. The software can be downloaded after user registration. *The D-71 does not have computer and printer connectivity. Laboratory use capability

ES-70/OM-70 Series

ES-71 Conductivity
OM-71 Dissolved Oxygen

One hand operation - Slim body fits in your hand. Only three basic operation buttons for one-hand operability.

Shock-resistant - Polycarbonate resin* used in automobiles and mobile phones has been adopted to enhance shock resistance. *Polycarbonate resin has about twice the shock resistance of conventional ABS resin.

Visible LCD in dark places - Backlight (except D-71) allows reading of measurement values even in the dark.

Waterproof and dustproof - IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof casing.

*IP67: Fully waterproof for approximately 30 min in 1 metre of water.

Extended operation - Uses about 10% of the power compared to conventional meters. With up to 1000 hrs of use*, long periods of field work are possible.


Easy to carry - The compact and ergonomic design is easy to carry and includes a cable winding function for the optional electrode hook attachment.

D-71 Basic Model
D-72 Backlit LCD Model
D-73 Backlit LCD Model
D-74 Backlit LCD Model
D-75 Backlit LCD Model