Horiba OM-51

Horiba OM-51 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

This field-type dissolved oxygen meter measures dissolved oxygen concentration (DO), oxygen concentration (O2), saturation (SAT.RATIO) and temperature of water solutions. It uses a laboratory sensor to enable BOD measurement. Waterproof construction enables use at virtually any measurement site. This meter is being used in research institutions, and at a variety water quality related production sites in the mining, agriculture, forestry and fishery industries.

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  • Unit and electrode have a revolutionary "waterproof construction".
  • Easy connection with PC.
  • Measurement data memory function.
  • Self diagnosis function.
  • RS232C PC/printer output.
  • Select from the following: 2 m cable (OM-51-2), 10 m cable (OM-51-10), Laboratory (OM-51-L1) and BOD measurement.