Horiba SLFA-60 Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser

Horiba SLFA-60 Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser

The Horiba SLFA-60 Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser is the new standard of transportable sulfur-in-oil analysers. The instrument is equipped with the latest software and hardware, reflecting the growing changes in the petroleum industry. Data from the expanded storage of calibration curves can be exported using the USB output. The SLFA-60 Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser benefits from the increased measurement range of 0-9.9999 wt% covers high sulfur crudes and shale oil markets.

  • Simple operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Robust construction
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Data output

The printout can be easily comprehended as it is available in an 80 mm wide format.

Safety mechanism

The SLFA-60 Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser's protective membrane covers the cell window which prevents the detector and X-ray tube from inadvertent sample leakage. This protective membrane is able to be assembled and replaced easily.

Large screen display for easy viewing

Real-time data is displayed on the screen, allowing the user to check the measurement conditions.

USB memory

The SLFA-60 Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser's measurements can be recorded using three different methods; by printouts, exported to a USB device or exported to an external PC through the USB connection. This features enables the user to track and analyse measurements throughout the SLFA-60 Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser's lifetime.

Measurement principle - Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analysis Method (EDXRF)

Measurement sample - Sulfur in Petroleum products such as heavy oil, naphtha, and crude oil, light oil

Measurement range - 0 - 9.9999 %

Repeatability - 15 ppm or less (with a 1 % sulfur sample)

C/H error correction - ± 50 ppm or less per C/H (with a 1 % sulfur sample)

Lower detection limit - 20 ppm or less (three times the standard deviation with a 0 % sample)

Number of calibration curves - 5 lines � 3 sets (Total 15 lines)

Calibration curve order - Linear or quadratic (both automatic selection and manual settings available)

Calibration - Calibration made using calibration points: (5 - 20 points)

Sample requirement - 4 - 10 ml

Measurement time - 10 - 600 sec

Spectrum measurement - Energy Axis: 0 - 10 keV, spectrum analysis to verify instrument performances.

External output - USB connect with PC, USB memory