Kane 458 Flue Gas Analyser

Kane 458 Flue Gas Analyser

The Kane 458 is a Flue Gas Analyser (Direct CO2 with CO sensor protection).

Kane 458 Key Features

  • Dual pump system for CO sensor 'over-range' protection
  • Structured commissioning test
  • Fast print
  • Screen protection
  • 6 line display
  • Factory fitted upgrades available
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Product Features

  Structured commission test
  Rotary switch for ease of use
  Data hold
  Logs & prints reports with optional infra-red printer - Combustion/Pressure/Let-by & Tightness/Temperature/CO build up/Commission test
  6 year warranty if serviced annually by Kane


  Installation and servicing of domestic oil or gas appliances
  Safety checks
  CO in a room or around an appliance
  Combustion performance checks
  Combustion efficiency checks
  Flue Draught


  CO2 direct with an infra-red sensor 0-20%
  CO 0-2,000ppm
  Differential temperature
  High accuracy differential pressure meter +/- 80mbar


  Excess air
  CO/CO2 ratio
  Combustion efficiency

Fuels Types

  Natural Gas
  28 sec oil
  35 sec oil
  Wood pellets