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LabPlant Super 7 Spray Dryer (SS-07A & SS-07AG)

Established for over 25 years, Labplant UK manufacturer quality, easy to use, all in one, laboratory scale, spray dryer solutions. Due to the continual development of our machines we have now added the SS-07A & AG Super 7 to our range.

We took the tried and tested design of our flagship SD-06 units, which produce a powder sample yield of between 1000 - 1500ml/ ph, we experimented by replacing some of the major components to enable us to produce powder sample yields of up to 2000ml/ph.

After taking in to consideration the cost and performance of the modified components, we settled on a unit that gives us a good balance of power and affordability.

The difference between the SD-06 range & SS-07 range is not just the extra volume of sample yield, we now can offer a modified cyclone that enables the use of bag collection instead of the standard 1000ml sample bottle. Also the SS-07 range are only 5Kg heavier and 5cm taller, using the same footprint.

New Antistatic & Amber coated glassware

Efficient collection of the sample powder is vital when spray drying, as often the material being used is expensive.

Typically a machine running with perfect settings for the diluted material running through it, will collect about 50% of the powder, the rest is usually lost through the exhaust due to the size of the particles.

If these optimal settings are not achieved, then the sample powder sometimes ends up not being fully dried and sticks to either the main drying chamber or the cyclone.

We are now able to offer our glassware made specifically with an antistatic coating which alleviates this problem neatly and efficiently. This was in direct response to requests by our customers to help solve the problem.

The process is performed whilst manufacturing new glassware and cannot be added to glassware already made without the coating. Amber glassware is also available for materials of a light sensitive nature and as with the antistatic coating cannot be added to glassware already made without the coating.

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Data Sheet

Spray Dryer Range Comparison

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