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Michell Instruments MDM25 Hand-Held Hygrometer

  Displays %RH and temperature, plus dew-point, absolute humidity and wet bulb temperature
  Simple to operate
  Long term stability: ±1% RH over 12 months

The MDM25 by Michell Instruments is a portable, battery-operated hand-held hygrometer which is available in a number of different probe configurations. This hygrometer makes it suitable and displays one calculated value, temperature and relative humidity for a wide range of applications. The user can choose to display either in °C or °F.

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Michell Instruments MDM25 Hand-Held Hygrometer

Accessories and Spare Parts

19mm (0.75") slotted protection cap black A000002
12mm (0.47") Slotted protection cap, black A000003
19mm (0.75") PVDF fi lter A000014
12mm (0.47") PVDF fi lter A000017
12mm (0.47") PVDF fi lter with protection cap, black A000018
19mm (0.75") mesh fi lter with protection cap, black A000021
12mm (0.47") Mesh fi lter with protection cap, black A000022
12mm (0.47") Flat SS sintered dust fi lter A000023
19mm (0.75") Arrow SS sintered fi lter 10�m A000026
12mm (0.47") Arrow 20 �m SS sintered fi lter A000028
Rubber surround for hand meter case A000400
Carrying case A000401
Batteries (3 AA Alkaline cells) A000402
Fixed probe MDM-FPR
Standard probe MDM-SPR
Sword type probe MDM-SWPR
Remote high temperature probe 300mm (18") MDM-HTPR
Remote high temperature probe, 500mm (19.6") MDM-HTPR

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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