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MSA AirElite 4h (Self-Contained Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus)

MSA Safety has more than 100 years of experience, reliability and competence in the field of breathing apparatus and Personal Protective Equipment. This has paid off and made it possible for MSA to develop the AirElite 4h. MSA has successfully applied the principles of oxygen generation from potassium hyperoxide (KO2) for breathing air regeneration for more than 40 years now.

The AirElite 4h is the state of the art successor to the AirElite 2h, which was developed in the year 1995. This was the first long duration device using the KO2 technology exclusively in the market.

Together with its integrated control monitor the IC-Air it forms a unique closed-circuit breathing apparatus.

All the benefits of the KO2 principle are now available for a long service periods of up to four hours.

Developed for all practical purpose in cooperation with the accreditation testing body DEKRA EXAM Ltd. and customers all over the world, the unanimous needs of fire brigades and mine rescue teams were analyzed and taken into consideration. Its main applications is by far for fire brigades at tunnels, chemical plants (like refineries), large storage facilities and high-rise buildings.

Exclusively for mine rescue teams we offer the well-established KO2 technology for their long duration underground and rescue missions.


The absolute safety and comfort of the user were the primary factors in the development of the AirElite 4h.

A sleek and slim design, the breathing tubes are by its side and close to the body for maximum freedom of movement, unhindered and extremely easy for breathing. This by far makes the AirElite 4h an indispensable piece of operational equipment.

The operations and the oxygen generation is breath controlled and they do not need any more than the user's exhalation. We have ensured the maximum level of safety possible and attained the same.

The air supplied to the AirElite is dry air and the user experiences comfortable breathing. Inexpensive and economical on the pocket it is but an added advantage.


There are several easy options available in regard with the training of the user in the donning and doffing.

MSA also offers KO2 training kit for the most demanding training scenarios at fire schools and mine rescue training galleries.

There is practically no costs for training with our trainer conversion kit using the ambient air. No breathing canister consumption

MSA AirElite 4h (Self-Contained Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus)

Simple - before and after use

  Effective air cooling without ice and without pre-use preparation
  No additional logistics required for oxygen cylinders or cooling
  Minimal inspection requirements: quick, easy maintenance and reconditioning
  Maintenance-free standby storage for up to 2 years in readiness [5 years if cannisters are in factory sealed condition]

Economical - training

  Practically no costs for training with trainer conversion kit
  No breathing canister consumption

Low cost of ownership

AirElite 4h does not require any additional logistics such as expensive testing equipment, oxygen transfer pumps or deep freezers. Compressed oxygen and ice candle logistics are not necessary; this reduces the investment and maintenance costs of the AirElite 4h to a minimum.


  Confined Space
  Oxygen Deficiency
  Toxic Atmosphere (IDLH)
  Toxic Atmosphere (Non-IDLH)

Approvals & Standards

  DIN 58652-2
  Vfdb 0802 standards
  Flame Engulfment Test for mining and fire brigades


  Fire Fighting
  Oil & Gas

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

10065152 AirElite 4h (less chemical oxygen canister kit and full face mask)
10065373 AirElite 4h chemical canister kit
10065153 3S-R AirElite full face mask
10065154 Advantage AirElite full face mask
10118774 Advantage 4000 AirElite full face mask
10100126 AirElite 4h trainer conversion kit HD
10151860 AirElite KO. Trainer canister set
10151861 AirElite KO. Trainer housing cover
10094376 Particle filter P3 PlexTec (pack of 10)
10071650 AirElite case

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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