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MSA Evolution 6000 Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

One of the first ever firefighting thermal imaging cameras was introduced to the world by MSA Safety over a decade ago. Following on from this, MSA Safety have refined their thermal imaging camera range through innovation and expertise, leading up to the latest Evolution 6000 range.

The MSA Evolution 6000 is a new NFPA-compliant platform to make TIC use easier, faster, lighter, and more intuitive.

Many of the features that users will have come to expect from MSA thermal imaging cameras can be found in the Evolution 6000, but MSA have also added some new features to take this product to the next level.

The Evolution 6000 range has been divided into three different models, all including NFPA 1801 compliance, to support the thermal imaging needs of all first responders.

Some of the new Evolution 6000 features include best-in-class image quality, laser pointer and range finder, light weight, compass, integrated video and picture capture and integrated wireless video transmission system.

  NFPA-compliant third-party certification that builds upon MSA's long experience with thermal imaging
  Nonincendive equipment (UL Class 1, Div 2) for additional safety within combustible environments
  Fireground-tough product design provides waterproof shock resistance
  Camera Configuration Application customize camera settings to meet your needs
  Patent-pending compass assists in faster operations and improved situational awareness
  Three carabiner attachment points offer firefighters flexibility of camera attachment
  Patented dual-handle design for easy handoff and better ergonomics on the fireground
  Field-replaceable germanium lens saves on repair costs
  Laser pointer pinpoints hot spots to allow fast, specific action
  LED flashlight or patent-pending laser range finder options enable faster, more precise action
  Six color palettes for multiple views of thermal image
  2X/4X zoom for a closer look at areas of interest
  Integrated video transmitter sends video for remote monitoring and improved decision making
  Integrated picture/video capture saves pictures and video for future review and training use

Data Sheet

Ordering Information


Fahrenheit 10145938
Celsius 10145939


Fahrenheit 10145940
Fahrenheit 10145951 (with range finder option)
Fahrenheit 10145952 (with video transmitter option)
Fahrenheit 10145953 (with range finder and video transmitter options)
Celsius 10145954
Celsius 1014595 (with range finder option)
Celsius 10145955 (with video transmitter option)
Celsius 10145957 (with range finder and video transmitter options)


Fahrenheit 10145958
Fahrenheit 10145959 (with range finder option)
Fahrenheit 10145960 (with video transmitter option)
Fahrenheit 10145961 (with range finder and video transmitter options)
Celsius 10145962
Celsius 10145963 (with range finder option)
Celsius 10145964 (with video transmitter option)
Celsius 10145965 (with range finder and video transmitter options)

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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