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MSA Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet

Developed with firefighters from around the globe, the Gallet F1 XF sets the new standard for structural firefighting helmets. It enters a new dimension of protection, functionalities integration, comfort of use and modularity. The configurable design makes the Gallet F1 XF fire helmet the perfect fit for various interventions such as structural and outdoor fires, technical rescue operations and road traffic accidents.

  Ergonomic, well balanced design, providing unmatched comfort in all operating conditions
  2 helmet sizes ensuring an optimal fit for both small and large head sizes
  Effective, intuitive and robust adjustment mechanisms, ensuring optimal fit for all user profiles
  Unique adjustable ocular visor - fitting over prescription glasses while providing gap-free enclosure
  Comfortable, high-performance face protection with excellent coverage, clear or gold coating
  Extended thermal and mechanical protection even in extremely hot conditions
  Fully integrated lighting module with unique distribution of light and weight, supporting work and safe navigation in the dark
  Optimized care and maintenance procedures, leading to reduced cost of ownership and safer use
  State-of-the-art integration of helmet mounted headset for easier communication
  Unique customization capabilities with interchangeable front plate and personnalized molded or printed badge

Approvals & Certifications

  CE marking according to EU Directive 89/686 for Personal Protective Equipments.
  Helmet approved to EN 443:2008, type B, including optional requirements.
  Faceshield approved to EN 14458:2004, Face guard, including optional requirements.
  Ocular visor approved to EN 14458:2004, Eye guard, including optional requirements.


  CBRN Incidents
  Confined Space
  Search & Rescue

Part Numbers

  GXL1121100000-VF35 - F1XF EN443 L photolum, FP gold
  GXL1121200000-BA35 - F1XF EN443 L white, FP gold
  GXL1121300000-NA35 - F1XF EN443 L black, FP gold
  GXL2111000000-JD16 - F1XF EN443 L yellow FP black
  GXL2111100000-RE35 - F1XF EN443 L red FP gold
  GXM1011000000-BA16 - F1XF EN443 M white FP black
  GXM1111100000-RE16 - F1XF EN443 M red FP black
  GXM2111100000-JL35 - F1XF EN443 M fluo. yellow, FP gold
  GXM2111100000-NA35 - F1XF EN443 M black, FP gold
  GXM2121000000-JD16 - F1XF EN443 M yellow, FP black
  GXM2121100000-OB16 - F1XF EN443 M fluo. orange, FP black
  GXM2121200000-VF35 - F1XF EN443 M photolum, FP gold


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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