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MSA Lynx Confined Space Equipment

This product is now obsolete.

The below products meet all applicable ANSI standards and OSHA regulations.

All Lynx products are completely interchangeable with all Ropods™, Davits, Dynevacs, Dyna-Hoists™, and Ropod/Davit Mounting Brackets.

Lynx Rescuer

The Lynx Rescuer is intended to provide fall arrest and emergency rescue when entering/exiting a confined space.

  Self Retracting lanyard with emergency retrieval capabilities
  User is able to reset device from retrieval mode to fall arrest mode
  The easiest, quickest field-reset mechanism on the market
  Lock feature with key allows more control over who can reset unit to fall arrest mode
  Same unit can be used in the field and for training situations

Lynx Tripods

The Lynx tripod can be set up and dismantled without the use of tools. It has a vertical load strength of 5,400 pounds.

  Automatic hinge lock legs
  Constructed of three anodized aluminum legs and a zinc-plated carbon steel head
  Legs feature 1-1/4 in. incremental adjustment with positive locking pins
  Skid resistant feet with self-sharpening spikes

Lynx Personnel/Material Hoist

The Lynx Hoist is intended to be used in confined space application that require lifting/lowering of materials or personnel.

  Designed for lifting, lowering, and positioning of personnel and materials
  Maximum work load of 310 lbs for personnel and 620 lbs for materials
  Anti-backlash crank handle with a lifting/lowering speed of 25 ft per minute
  Integral shock absorber
  Load-limiting clutch prevents overloading of hoist
  Emergency drive allows manual bypass of load-limiting clutch for extra lifting capacity in an emergency
  Air drive adapter enables powered lifting/lowering with optional air-powered drive assembly
  Primary gear backed up by two independent secondary brakes

Confined Space Entry Kits

Complete confined space entry kits for multiple confined space applications. Used for lifting and lowering materials and personnel via the hoist, while having the ability to use an SRL in conjunction with the rest of the system for fall arrest and emergency evacuation.

Confined Space Entry Kits make it easy for you to order the Confined Space System which best suits your needs.

The Confined Space Entry Kits feature:

  3 Tripod Kits and 2 Folding Davit Kits
  Single Part Number for simplified ordering
  Confined Space Kits with Lynx Rescuer allow for non-entry rescue of a confined space entrant
  Tripod and Davit Kits allow for great portability

Fall Protection Brochure

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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