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MSA ORIONplus Multi-Gas Detector

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Altair 5x Multigas Detector.

The innovative and highly versatile 1 to 5 sensor gas detector can be used both as a personal monitor and for pre-entry checks. Audible and visual alarms make ORIONplus the perfect partner in hazardous environments.

  Detection of Oxygen,Toxics and Combustibles
  Range of InfraRed sensors for detecting Carbon Dioxide and HydroCarbons [HC] up to 100% Vol
  Very large easy to read graphic display for quick data viewing
  Robust, easy to grip design
  Clear and intuitive to use Simple one hand operation


  CO-monitoring in iron and steel production
  Detection in garages
  Detection in waste water plants
  Detection of solvents (e.g. degreasing)
  Ex-leakage detection of chemical plants
  EX-TOX-leakage detection of chemical plants
  Food Processes
  Foundries & Metal Production
  Hazardous material storage
  Hazardous Materials
  Leakage detection gas pumping stations Gas turbines
  Leakage detection in glass fibre manufacturing
  Leakage detection liquid gas (stocks, distributor, consumers, processors)
  Leakage detection of foaming machines
  Monitoring in automobile industry
  Monitoring in coal plants
  Monitoring in laboratories
  Monitoring in printing industries
  Monitoring in waste disposal site
  Monitoring of disposal sorting systems
  Oil & Gas
  Ox-Detection in labaratories
  OX-Detection in Waste Water Plants
  Ox-Monitoring in automobile industry
  Oxygen Deficiency in chemical plants
  Paper & Pulp
  Waste & Water Treatment


  Combustible Atmosphere
  Confined Space
  Oxygen Deficiency
  Toxic Atmosphere (IDLH)
  Toxic Atmosphere (Non-IDLH)

Approvals & Standards

  EN 50014/EN 50018/EN 50019/EN 50020
  EN 50054/EN 50104/EN 50271/EN 45544
  II 2G EEx iade IICT4/T3 -20°Cto +40°C/+50°C
  Directive 213.014 [Solas]
  NiMH T4 -20°C to +40°C
  Alkaline Duracell T4: -20°C to +50°C
  Alkaline Varta T3: -20°C to +50°C

Data Sheet

Ordering Codes

10046094 - ORIONplus P, Ex/Ox/CO/H2S/CO2, NiMH
10046095 - ORIONplus P, Ex/Ox/CO/CO2, NiMH
10046096 - ORIONplus P, Ex/Ox/H2S/CO2, NiMH
10022036 - ORION protective rubber boot, black
10025665 - ORION protective rubber boot, red
10020485 - ORION case, leather
474555 - Carrying belt
10034276 - Vehicle charger
10021925 - Sampling line, 1.5 m, PTFE conductive
10021926 - Sampling line, 3 m, PTFE conductive
10021927 - Sampling line, 5 m, PTFE conductive
D6071039 - Floating probe
D6203723 - Sampling probe, flexible 30 cm
10041970 - ORION NiMH charger, complete
10031091 - NiMH battery pack
10031092 - Alkaline battery pack

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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