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MSA Perspecta Non-Corrective Spectacles

The MSA PERSPECTA range of safety spectacles can meet all your needs by offering fashionable designs combined with functionality.

Choose from single or double lens, integrated frames, side shields for added protection, adjustable temples and nose bridges or even tinted lenses for those bright summer days.

MSA PERSPECTA safety spectacles are all supplied with the MSA Tuff-Stuff hard coat for Anti-scratch.

Whatever your perspective, you can find the right PERSPECTA from MSA.


Lightweight [29 grams], modern and comfortable spectacle with multi-adjustment system.

  3 positions ratchet for lens inclination adjustment and 3 positions for temple length adjustment
  Full wrap around with 9.75 curved polycarbonate lens provides an undistorted 180° view
  Attractive and lightweight semi-frame design
  Soft nose buds and temple ends keep spectacles from slipping and provide good wearer comfort
  Also available with blue purple tinted lens for enhanced contrast in outdoor activities


Hi-Tech Style with Ultimate Protection and Comfort. The semi-frame and slim temple design create a model that weights only 32 grams. Excellent field of vision and highest polycarbonate lens optical quality (class 1). Impact grade F. Available in various lens colors, with antifog option.

  Easy Multi-adjustment system: 5 positions ratchet for lens inclination, 4 positions for temple length
  Shock absorbing brow cushion
  Optimal side coverage
  Hard and soft material co-injection for sensitive areas
  Extremely comfortable for all-day wear


Extremely lightweight (26 grams), snugs fitting model. Highest polycarbonate lens optical quality, class 1. Impact grade F. Available in various lens colors, with antifog option.

  Wraparound style for even closer protection
  Wide and unobstructed vision
  Extremely comfortable for all-day wear
  Special nose buds secure spectacles to your face without slipping
  Soft zones for sensitive nose and ear areas


Most stylish and panoramic view design, incredibly light (27 grams) and comfortable. Highest polycarbonate lens optical quality, class 1. Impact grade F. Available in various lens colors, with antifog option.

  Excellent field of vision
  Straight temple saves length adjustment
  Comfortable and universal nose bridge
  Soft nose buds keep spectacles from slipping
  Combination of hard and soft material for exceptional comfort


Sun glasses in an attractive design equipped with premium features.

  Highly scratch-resistant silver mirror lens with antifog coating
  Soft nose buds and temple ends keep spectacles from slipping and provide good wearer comfort
  Attractive frame design with high value glossy surface finish
  Ratchet with 3 positions for temple length adjustment allows perfect adaptation to your face
  Includes a practical rigid case to store and carry your spectacles


The PERSPECTA 5500 is the best of style and safety without compromise, combining all the features you want in a safety spectacle.

  Wrap around style, with brow guard
  Single lens spectacles
  Close fitting frame and integrated side shields
  Clear or smoke lenses
  Stylish design with uncompromised safety


Amazingly light [29 grams] with interchangeable lenses for alternating applications.

  Wide temples for precise fit and perfect lateral protection
  Tightly fitting front and dual 8 base curvature for panoramic view
  Soft nose buds keep spectacles from slipping and provide good wearer comfort
  Interchangeable lenses with antiscratch coating


Offering all-around protection these stylish single lens spectacles, with vented side shields, are ideal for visitors and regular wearers alike.

  Fits over prescription spectacles
  Improved styling and comfort
  Very economical without compromising safety
  Excellent optical clarity
  Perfect for industrial visitor centres


Fashionable single lens spectacles with unrestricted lateral vision. Temples have 5 position length adjustment, while the angle of the lens can also be adjusted. Polycarbonate safety lens, hard coated, optical class 1, impact protection level F, 99% UV absorption.

  A classic wrap around single lens spectacle
  Incorporating side shields, which can also be worn over most prescription spectacles
  Arms of these spectacles have 5 length adjustments and also pivot at the temple for a perfect fit


With only 25 g the lightest among the single lens spectacles. Close fitting, also on small faces, suitable for dusty areas due to close fit. Transparent design, safety lenses, hard coated, optical class 1, impact protection level F, clear lenes with 99% UV absorption.

  Lightweight - only 25 g
  Sleek, single lens, cat's eye spectacle
  Gives a close fit
  Especially suited to smaller faces
  Low profile design has very smooth surfaces


Traditional, timeless design. These twin lens spectacles have strong metal hinges and arms with metal cores to allow cold adjustment for the perfect fit.

  Exchangeable side shields
  Rugged design
  Cold adjustment


The exclusive look spectacle with gold coated frame, these plano spectacles have hard coated polycarbonate safety lenses, offering protection to optical class 1, impact protection level F and 99% UV absorption.

  Lightweight and versatile
  Perfect for those people who prefer a more sophisticated look
  Clear lens or tined lens versions


Light safety spectacles with protective side-shields. Temple arms have 4 point length adjustment. Polycarbonate safety lenses, hard coated, optical class 1, impact protection level F, clear lens 99% UV absorption.

  Very light and versatile
  Double lens spectacle
  Traditional looks in a modern package
  Arms extend to ensure a comfortable fit for all wearers


Ordering Information


10045516 PERSPECTA 9000, clear lens + antiscratch
10045517 PERSPECTA 9000, clear lens + antifog
10045518 PERSPECTA 9000, smoke lens + antifog
10045519 PERSPECTA 9000, amber lens + antifog
10045640 PERSPECTA 9000, blue mirror lens


10045641 PERSPECTA 010, clear lens + antiscratch
10045642 PERSPECTA 010, clear lens + antifog
10045643 PERSPECTA 010, amber lens + antifog
10045644 PERSPECTA 010, smoke lens + antifog


10045645 PERSPECTA 1900, light gold mirror lens + antifog + UV400
10045646 PERSPECTA 1900, dark brown lens + antifog
10045647 PERSPECTA 1900, clear lens + antifog, blk fr
10045648 PERSPECTA 1900, clear lens + antiscratch, blk fr


10064797 PERSPECTA 1070, clear lens + antiscratch


10064800 PERSPECTA 2047W, clear lens
10064841 PERSPECTA 2047 W, smoke, x12


10064842 PERSPECTA FL250, clear lens + antiscratch


10064843 PERSPECTA GV1000


10075286 PERSPECTA 1320, smoke lens + antifog

10075287 PERSPECTA 1320, blue purple lens + antifog
10075296 PERSPECTA 1320, clear lens + antifog


10075288 PERSPECTA 2320 Set, Value Pack with PERSPECTA Hard Case


10076384 PERSPECTA GIV 2300

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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