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MSA SavOxCap 60 (Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuer)

The SavOxCap 60 is an Oxygen Self Rescuer class K60 with hood, which provides the user with breathing air for more than 60 minutes, independent of the ambient atmosphere.

Based on the world wide proven KO2 technology of the SSR 90/K60 the SavOxCap 60 offers, in addition, protection for the eyes and head. The clearly visible orange hood features a large flexible visor and an integrated half mask with speech diaphragm.

  >60 min. operating time under escape conditions
  Under low respiration conditions operating time up to 5 hours
  Hood with integrated half mask
  Voice communication via speech diaphragm
  Almost maintenance-free
  Life expectancy of up to 10 years
  Quick and easy to operate
  Dedicated training apparatus available for economical training


  Oxygen Deficiency
  Particles & Dust
  Toxic Atmosphere (IDLH)
  Toxic Atmosphere (Non-IDLH)


  Fire in buildings
  Hazardous material storage
  Hazardous Materials
  Industrial environments

Approvals & Standards

  The SavOxCap 60 is EC-type certified in conformance with the Council Directive 89/686/EEC. It has been tested and approved on the basis of the standards EN 13794 and DIN 58639.

Data Sheet

Ordering Codes

10073550 - SavOxCap 60
10075670 - SavOxCap 60-TR Training unit
D1118845 - Tightness tester

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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