New Clare Range

Electrical Safety Testing Products

Keison Products are proud to unveil a new range of electrical safety testing products, manufactured by Clare.

Clare have designed and manufactured a wide range of products for electrical safety testing, industrial compliance and precision measurement applications. These products cover the broad sectors of electronics manufacturing, avionics, power, utilities and industrial engineering sectors.

All of the Clare range combines innovation and top quality with the essential consistency and reliability which is crucial, especially in the most demanding work environments.

To request a quotation on any products, please contact us using the details below.

HAL Series Electrical Safety Testers

HAL Solar Electrical Safety Tester

A203ES Flash/Hipot/Dielectric Withstand Tester

A252 Compact Portable Electrical Safety Tester

B255 Comprehensive Power Tool & Appliance Safety Tester

B433R Stand Alone Earth / Ground Bond Tester

G2000 Manual Safety Tester

SafeCheck 8 Bench Mounted Comprehensive Tester

STM/L Benchmounted Comprehensive Tester