IKA 2015 Sale

IKA RH Basic 2 IKAMAG Magnetic Stirrer

Keison Products are proud to offer our customers a special offer on a range of IKA products.

These products can be purchased online by clicking on the link to the right of the relevant item.

This offer of excellent discounted prices is valid until the end of the year.

Part NumberProductOur PriceLink
0003581200 C-MAG HS 7�388.00Click Here
0009015900 C-MAG HS 7 Package �474.00Click Here
0003339000 RH basic 2 �243.00Click Here
0003368000 topolino �70.50Click Here
0003381300 topolino mobil �141.00Click Here
0004442000 EUROSTAR 20 digital �655.00Click Here
0004047700 VORTEX 1 �196.00Click Here
0004049600 VORTEX 4 basic �266.00Click Here
0004050100 VORTEX 4 digital �325.00Click Here
0009019000 KS 130 basic Package �710.00Click Here
0009025500 KS 130 control NOL Package �1,042.00Click Here
0009025600 KS 260 control NOL Package �1,315.00Click Here
0004095500 T 10 standard ULTRA-TURRAX PCR Kit �795.00Click Here
0009022800 T 18 digital ULTRA-TURRAX Package �892.00Click Here

Find out more about the IKA range by visiting www.keison.co.uk/ika.shtml.

IKA RH Basic 2 IKAMAG Magnetic Stirrer