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North Safety - Instinct

Honeywell Instinct, the newest safety eyewear from Honeywell Safety Products that offers unparalled protection, comfort and style all in one! Honeywell Instinct TM is new to our "Adjust for me" category of safety eyewear.

High-Performance Protection

  This Dual 7-base wrap-around lens provides excellent side protection coverage and uncompromised peripheral vision, protection and performance.
  Available in a variety of high performance lens coatings such as Supra-Dura, Dura-streme and Fog-Ban Plus coatings.
  A wide variety of lens tint options to meet a broad range of working situations and hazards.

Superior comfort and fit

  Lens gradient made possible with the side arm ratching temples for a customized comfort and fit for each individual.
  Soft flexible "finger-like" nose adjusts and conforms to almost any nasal profile and helps reduce slipping and sliding.
  Soft elastomer browguard diffuses and deflects impact.
  Soft temple tips cushion the delicate areas above and behind the ears.
  Sleek, high-gloss frame provides high-end styling.
  Weighs less than one ounce for comfortable, all-day wear.
  Meets EN 166.

High performance lens coating options:

Supra-Dura, advanced anti-scratch coating is perfect for high-particulate environments where lens scratching is a severe problem. This coating lasts 5x longer than competitive anti-scratch coatings on the market. Fog Ban Plus coating delivers long-lasting protection from fogging, even in intensely hot and humid work environments.

This coating is permanently bonded to the lens for exceptional performance and maintains its anti fog properties for twice as long as most competitive models.

Dura-Streme dual coating technology combines the benefits of our proprietary anti-fog and hard coat technologies onto one lens. While the advanced anti-fog properties of the fog-ban coating keep the interior of the lens clear from fogging, the rugged properties of our hard coat protect the exterior of the lens from scuffs and scratches, adding up to 3X longer lens life.

Comparative lens life test performed using a Bayer abrasion test method, and may vary between environment and applications.

Data Sheet

Art. nr. Frame Lens Lens coating Lens marking
1031540 Black/Grey Clear Fog Ban plus 2C-1.2 HON 1FTN
1031541 Black/Grey Clear Supra-Dura 2C-1.2 HON 1FTK
1031542 Black/Grey Clear Dura-Streme 2C-1.2 HON 1FTKN
1031543 Black/Grey TSR Grey Supra-Dura 5-2.5 HON 1FTK
1031544 Black/Grey TSR Grey Fog Ban plus 5-2.5 HON 1FTN
1031545 Black/Grey TSR Grey Dura-Streme 5-2.5 HON 1FTKN
1031546 Black/Grey SCT Grey Fog Ban plus 5-3.1 HON 1FTN
1031547 Black/Grey Silver Mirror Supra-Dura 5-3.1 HON 1FTK
1031548 Black/Grey I/O SILVER Supra-Dura 5-1.7 HON 1FTK
1031549 Black/Grey Amber Supra-Dura 2C-1.2 HON 1FTK
1031550 Black/Grey Amber Dura-Streme 2C-1.2 HON 1FTKN
1031551 Black/Grey Amber Fog Ban plus 2C-1.2 HON 1FTN

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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