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North Safety POSI 3 USB Computerised Dynamic Test Bench

The Honeywell Posi 3 USB is a computerised test bench which carries out the dynamic testing and performance evaluation of completely assembled self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The product can also be used with other types of supplied air respiratory protective equipment.

Since 1988, when it was introduced, the Honeywell PosiChek family of SCBA test equipment has been the industry standard for thousands of fire departments, refineries, chemical plants and nuclear power stations worldwide.

The Posi 3 USB features a number of hardware upgrades including automatic detection of switch-on point for low pressure alarm and a new communication port, There have also been a number of software upgrades including a new database with improved searching capabilities, improved integrity of SCBA models, traceability of tested equipments with alerts for incoming maintenance due date and equipment placement management.

The protection of the user is what this product has been designed for, keeping the SCBA equipment operating at its best. The tests are realised to check if the equipment is compliant with EN137 requirements for SCBA and EN1146 requirements for EEBD.

The regular testing of equipment used by first responders and users in industrial applications is essential. That's why the current standard mandates that all compliant SCBA be tested at least once per year on a calibrated breathing machine before being put into service. These stringent standards have been met by the Posi 3 USB test bench.


The Posi 3 USB links up to a PC using the Universal Serial Bus protocol, taking automation to the next level, making it even easier to operate than before.

The Auto Advance Feature makes testing even quicker for those who have a cascade air supply. Record keeping is made easy and simple as always, with the Posi 3 USB offering a full range of test and data storage options.


Your own Windows compatible PC or laptop is used by the Posi 3 USB to run tests and store results. Results can be printed or stored for retrieval in a user-specified database.


Ordering Information

POSI 3 USB EN version without sound detection system 1564569

POSI 3 USB EN version with sound detection system 1564570

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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