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NSC Sicherheitstechnik B02704-00 Discovery Optical/Heat Multi Sensor Detector

Unfortunately, we no longer supply products by NSC. Please visit the Fire Extinguishing section for alternative options.

The Discovery Multisensor by NSC Sicherheitstechnik is similar in construction to the optical detector. However, the key difference is that it used a different lid and optical mouldings to accommodate the thermistor (heat sensor).

The Discovery Optical/Heat multisensor detector contains an optical smoke sensor and a thermistor temperature sensor whose outputs are combined to give the final analogue value. The way in which the signals from the two sensors are combined depends on the response mode selected.

The five modes provide response behaviour which incorporates pure heat detection, pure smoke detection and a combination of both. The multisensor is therefore useful over the widest range of applications.

The signals from the optical smoke sensing element and the temperature sensor are independent, and represent the smoke level and the air temperature respectively in the vicinity of the detector.

The detector's micro-controller processes the two signals according to the mode selected. When the detector is operating as a multisensor (i.e. modes 1, 3 and 4) the temperature signal processing extracts only rate-of-rise information for combination with the optical signal. In these modes the detector will not respond to a slow temperature increase - even if the temperature reaches a high level.

NSC Sicherheitstechnik B02704-00 Discovery Optical/Heat Multi Sensor Detector

A large sudden change in temperature can, however, cause an alarm without the presence of smoke, if sustained for 20 seconds.

Apollo part number 58000-700

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