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Oldham CPS (Car Park System)

  1 to 8 channels
  Large LCD with real-time readings
  3 LEDS quickly provide the status of the whole installation
  Significant parking facility electricity savings
  Up to 256 detectors
  Multi-gas monitors up to 6 different gases: Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Methane, Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Hydrogen

Safe, Accurate and Reliable Car Park Air Monitor

The CPS car park air monitor accurately and reliably protects the public and employees from airborne toxic gases in parking facilities and tunnels. The system was designed to comply with the high air quality safety standards enforced in such European countries as Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Optimizes Ventilation for Energy Savings

Continuous air monitoring significantly reduces your operating costs by optimizing the efficiency of ventilation systems and servo controls. Such efficiencies can produce energy savings of up to 40% when used with specific equipment.


Versatile and Programmable

Available in wall- and rack- mounted versions, the CPS™ central controller and its various modules are user-programmable for specific car park applications. The system's networking technology also enables the Car Park System™ to adapt to any installation up to:

  256 sensors capable of monitoring 6 different gases
  256 addressable relays
  64 logic inputs
  256 analog outputs

Several servo controls can be used: low speed/high speed, delays, forced operation, night mode, etc.

Ordering Information

Controller - CPS

WCPSMFR Wall mounted Control unit CPS with French user manual
WCPSMGB Wall mounted Control unit CPS with English user manual
WCPSMDE Wall mounted Control unit CPS with German user manual
WCPSMNL Wall mounted Control unit CPS with Dutch user manual
WCPSMSP Wall mounted Control unit CPS with Spanish user manual
WCPSRFR Rack mounted Control unit CPS with French user manual
WCPSRGB Rack mounted Control unit CPS with English user manual
WCPSRDE Rack mounted Control unit CPS with German user manual
WCPSRNL Rack mounted Control unit CPS with Dutch user manual
WCPSRSP Rack mounted Control unit CPS with Spanish user manual

Transmitter - CPS 10

6513591 CPS10 0-300ppm CO
6513592 CPS10 0-100ppm NO
6513593 CPS10 0-30ppm NO2
6513611 CPS10 0-100% LEL H2
6513605 CPS10 0-100% LEL LPG
6513594 CPS10 0-100% LEL CH4

Module - CPS

CPS-4REL CPS 4-relay module
CPS-8REL CPS 8-relay module
CPS-16IN CPS 16 logic input module
CPS-4OUT CPS 4 analog output module

Accessories - CPS

WCOMCPS Configuration software (including 1 CD + 1 SUBD/SUBD interface)
6311098 Emergency power supply (suitable for short power outage)
6321400 Cable gland skirt for the CPS wall mounting control unit
6114632 Integrated printer AP1200 only for rack mounted version
6090336 Paper rolls (1pc) for AP1200 - minimum orderable quantity is 5 pcs
6314599 Desk top printer DPU-414 110V (charger and subD/subD cable included)
6314600 Desk top printer DPU-414 230V (charger and subD/subD cable included)
6090319 Paper rolls (1pc) for desk top printer DPU-414 - minimum orderable quantity is 5pcs
6331163 Calibration kit for OLCT 10N or CPS10 (including a bar and a magnetic calibration cap)
6116026 subD /subD configuration cord
6116272 Prog/USB configuration cord
6116273 subD/subD cable for printer
NPCPSGB User manual CPS in English language, printed version
NPCPSFR User manual CPS in French language, printed version
6123717 Shock-guard protector for OLC(T)10 and 300 series

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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