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Oldham OLCT 80 Wireless Transmitter

  Frequency 2.4 GHz (EU) / 900 MHz (USA)
  Low Power Requirement
  Up to 3 km Line-of-Sight Range
  Robust Mesh Network Topology
  Up to 49 devices per network
  Flexible Input/Output options (analog, on/off, Modbus RS485)

Wireless connectivity is now possible in ATEX 1 zones thanks to the Oldham OLCT 80 Wireless Transmitter. The maximum range is 3km, line of sight. The number of field detectors, the area coverage and the network architecture will affect the type of network selected.

Signal Processing

Suitable for a wide choice of industrial detection and alarm system applications, the OLCT 80 is ideal for transmitting signal data.

Transceiver operates at a universally accepted frequency of 2.4 GHz / 900 MHz and is able to transmit signal data from its analog or Modbus outputs.

The wireless version of the OLCT 80 eliminates wiring costs and is very easy to commission in the field. The device can be associated with our MX 43 control panel, touch screens and audible or visible alarms.

Wireless network integrity, security and reliability are guaranteed by using FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum).

Oldham OLCT 80 Wireless Transmitter

Data Sheet


Sensor Catalytic / Electrochemical / Semiconductor / Infrared

Material Epoxy coated aluminum + 316 stainless steel sensor

Detected gases Explosive or toxic gases, or O2

Pre-calibrated sensor Yes

Weight 4kg

Power supply 16 to 28 V DC

Optional solar panels available. ATEX version in option.

Power consumption:

with RS485 communication 9 W (electrochemical) - 10 W (catalytic) - 12.5 (IR)
with signal output at 25mA 9 W (electrochemical) - 10 W (catalytic) - 13.2 (IR)
with signal output set at 25 mA and activated relays 10.4 W (electrochemical) - 11.5 W (catalytic) -14.7(IR)

Display 4-digit LCD display for measurement + 1 alphanumeric line / 3 LEDS (green : on-power / yellow : fault / red : alarm)

Cable entry 4 M20 & 2 M25 cable entries

Ingress protection IP 66

Range (line of sight) 3200 meters / 2 miles (2.4 Ghz) / 9600 meters / 6 miles (900 MHz)

Approvals EEx d IIB T5 (T 100C) for OLCT 80 with flameproof sensor / EEx d [ia] ia IIB T4 (T 135C) for OLCT 80 with intrinsically safe sensor / certificate INERIS 03ATEX0240X

Operating temperature -20C to +55C

Analog input 2 x 4-20 mA analog input

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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