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Sieger ProRAE Guardian

ProRAE Guardian represents an advanced generation of real-time wireless gas detection software and serves as a mobile command center for all your threat-detection needs. It allows incident commanders and safety managers to receive instant updates of real-time data anywhere and anytime they need it.

ProRAE Guardian software connects, integrates, and relays data from Sieger' and select partners' wireless products to remote monitors located anywhere you choose.

Make critical decisions with:

  Real-time display of device status, sensor readings, and alarms
  Intuitive user interface with simultaneous on-screen instrument readings
  Integrated Google Maps show precise instrument locations with alarm status
  Supports all Sieger' wireless-enabled products
  Display up to 500 instruments simultaneously
  Remote alarming via email and text messaging

ProRAE Guardian CloudServer

ProRAE Guardian CloudServer service from Sieger Inc. provides ProRAE Guardian users the ability to aggregate and share instrument data between installations and remote sites simply and easily with no extra hardware or maintenance costs.

Your PRG CloudServer is available to all your installations day and night, all the time, world-wide*.


  Your own private PRG CloudServer on the public Internet
  Your own static IP address
  Optional security Access Control for controlling unauthorised access
  No hardware to buy and maintain
  Many terms of service to choose from


  One or more PRG installations that you want to connect to your PRG CloudServer
  One or more properly licensed PRG-compatible instruments
  Active Internet connection between all PRG installations and your PRG CloudServer
  Ability to open ports for PRG access if necessary
  No hardware to buy and maintain

*Please refer to your PRG CloudServer Service Agreement for complete details of the service terms.

ProRAE Guardian SDK

ProRAE Guardian helps incident commanders and safety managers improve safety through real-time remote monitoring of wireless gas and radiation-detector networks. ProRAE Guardian SDK (Software Development Kit) provides third-party product vendors and systems integrators the ability to integrate real-time data from ProRAE Guardian with external networks such as SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), public warning, and predictive analytics systems.


  Easily build custom monitoring and control solutions.
  Broaden capabilities of existing applications and systems by including real-time gas and radiation data.
  Rapid and cost-effective integration.
  Open-platform for future expansion.
  Supports all Sieger wirelessly enabled products.

SDK License:

  Separately licensed component.
  Perpetual license i.e. no term associated with the license.
  ProRAE Guardian Instrument Monitoring License is a prerequisite.


  Requires Product Key for existing ProRAE Guardian Instrument Monitoring License.
  SDK license required for every instrument included in the Product Key.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

ProRAE Guardian Software

029-9004-000 GPS upgrade module for ProRAE Guardian software (used to display local mapping; not required for use of Google Maps)

PRG CloudServer Service

S01-0A00-100 PRG CloudServer Service, (1 year term)
S01-0A00-200 PRG CloudServer Service, (2 year term)
S01-0A00-300 PRG CloudServer Service, (3 year term)
S01-0A00-400 PRG CloudServer Service, (4 year term)

ProRAE Guardian Software License

S01-0000-003 ProRAE Guardian 3 Years GCO
S01-0000-004 ProRAE Guardian 4 Years GCO
S01-0000-005 ProRAE Guardian 5 Years GCO
S01-0000-006 ProRAE Guardian 6 Years GCO
S01-0000-007 ProRAE Guardian 7 Years GCO
S01-0000-008 ProRAE Guardian 8 Years GCO
S01-0000-009 ProRAE Guardian 9 Years GCO
S01-0000-010 ProRAE Guardian 10 Years GCO

ProRAE Guardian Guaranteed Cost of Ownership ("GCO")

S01-0001-000 ProRAE Guardian SDK License 50

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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