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Sieger Satellite XT

Analog or digital "Point-of-Use" gas detection transmitter to detect toxic, corrosive and combustible gases

The Satellite XT is the simple solution for all "Point-of-Use" gas detection needs. Based upon the market's smallest and most reliable electrochemical cell technology, the Satellite XT offers flexibility, simplicity and ease of application. The Satellite XT can be purchased in either an analog or digital configuration, allowing it to interface with new or existing facility control technologies.

The digital Satellite XT is built on LonWorks technology. Life safety systems built on a LonWorks network platform allow users to leverage the cost efficiencies of distributed controls, while maintaining the integrity and reliability necessary for code compliant safety applications.

The Satellite XT is an intelligent gas detection transmitter which utilizes a unique electrochemical sensor to detect toxic, corrosive, and combustible gas.

The Satellite XT is a "Point-of-Use" monitor normally located at or near a potential source of gas release. Field accessories allow sampling options for various environments including in-situ duct detection and extractive designs for harsh or remote areas. Typical installations for gas detection sampling include gas cabinet exhaust ducting, valve manifold boxes, equipment enclosures and ambient breathing zones.

Data Sheet

Each digital Satellite XT transmitter bears a unique address for use on a LonWorks network. This feature allows it to participate in a community of other intelligent LonWorks devices, which when considered together, comprise a life safety system network.

Gas concentration and alarm information are both displayed locally at the Satellite XT, as well as distributed onto the LonWorks network for use by other field devices.

The Satellite XT provides complete programmability of all monitoring variables including gas type, alarm levels, and maintenance status.

Part Numbers


9602-0200 Satellite XT 4-20mA
9602-0201 Satellite XT 4-20mA UL
9602-0205 Satellite XT 4-20mA/R
9602-0206 Satellite XT 4-20 mA/R UL
9602-0250 Satellite XT 4-20mA/C
9602-0251 Satellite XT 4-20mA/C UL
9602-0255 Satellite XT 4-20mA/C/R
9602-0400 Satellite XT FTT
9602-0401 Satellite XT FTT UL
9602-0405 Satellite XT FTT/R
9602-0406 Satellite XT FTT/R UL
9602-0450 Satellite XT FTT/C
9602-0451 Satellite XT FTT/C UL
9602-0505 Satellite XT R
9612-0200 Satellite 4-20mA, protection class IP65
9612-0205 Satellite 4-20mA/R, protection class IP65
9612-0250 Satellite 4-20mA/C, protection class IP65
9612-0255 Satellite 4-20mA/C/R, protection class IP66
9612-0400 Satellite FTT, protection class IP65
9612-0405 Satellite FTT/R, protection class IP65
9602-020010 Satellite XT 4-20mA
9602-020510 Satellite XT 4-20mA/R
9602-025010 Satellite XT 4-20mA/C
9602-025510 Satellite XT 4-20mA/C/R
9602-040010 Satellite XT FTT
9602-040510 Satellite XT FTT/R
9602-045010 Satellite XT FTT/C
9602-050510 Satellite XT R


20404-0200 MST Extractive Module XT Standard
20404-0300 MST Extractive Module XT Low Flow (SF6, C5F8 only)
20404-0250 MST Extractive Module XT Combustible Gases
20408-0110 MST Pyrolyzer Module XT NF3
20408-0112 MST Pyrolyzer Module XT 1.2-DCE
20408-0114 MST Pyrolyzer Module XT SF6
20408-0116 MST Pyrolyzer Module XT CH3F
20408-0120 MST Pyrolyzer Module XT C5F8
20408-0122 MST Pyrolyzer Module XT C4F6


9602-9600 MST Sensor 1,2-DCE 0-1000 ppm (Pyrolyzer only)
9602-9900 MST Sensor Combustible Gas 0-100 % LEL
9602-9902 MST Sensor Combustible Gas 0-100 % LEL (Sat-Ex only)
9602-6000 MST Sensor AsH3 0-1.00 ppm 2El.
9602-6004 MST Sensor AsH3 0-1.00 ppm 3El.
9602-6002 MST Sensor AsH3 0-10.0 ppm
9602-6202 MST Sensor B2H6 0-1.00 ppm
9602-6800 MST Sensor Br2 0-5.00 ppm
9602-9732 MST Sensor C4F6 0-50.0 ppm (Pyrolyzer only)
9602-9730 MST Sensor C5F8 0-20.0 ppm (Pyrolyzer only)
9602-9720 MST Sensor CH3F 0-0.500 %-vol. (Pyrolyzer only)
9602-5300 MST Sensor Cl2 0-5.00 ppm
9602-7410 MST Sensor ClF3 0-1.00 ppm
9602-7400 MST Sensor ClO2 0-1.00 ppm
9602-5400 MST Sensor CO 0-500 ppm
9602-6600 MST Sensor COCl2 0-1.00 ppm
9602-8000 MST Sensor ETO 0-20.0 ppm
9602-6401 MST Sensor F2 0-30 ppm
9602-6400 MST Sensor F2 0-5.00 ppm
9602-6902 MST Sensor GeH4 0-5.0 ppm
9602-5100 MST Sensor H2 0-1.000 %-vol.
9602-5101 MST Sensor H2 0-4.00 %-vol.
9602-5200 MST Sensor H2S 0-100 ppm
9602-5201 MST Sensor H2S 0-30.0 ppm
9602-5601 MST Sensor H2Se 0-1.00 ppm
9602-7000 MST Sensor HBr 0-30.0 ppm
9602-5800 MST Sensor HCl 0-30.0 ppm
9602-5700 MST Sensor HCN 0-30.0 ppm
9602-6500 MST Sensor HF 0-10.0 ppm
9602-6715 MST Sensor HMDS 0-0.500 %-vol.
9602-6714 MST Sensor HMDS 0-500 ppm
9602-7600 MST Sensor N2H4 0-1.00 ppm
9602-9700 MST Sensor NF3 0-50.0 ppm (Pyrolyzer only)
9602-6704 MST Sensor NH3 0-100 ppm Version SE
9602-6705 MST Sensor NH3 0-1000 ppm
9602-7200 MST Sensor NO 0-250 ppm
9602-7300 MST Sensor NO2 0-25.0 ppm
9602-5500 MST Sensor O2 0-25.0 %-vol.
9602-7100 MST Sensor O3 0-1.00 ppm
9602-7101 MST Sensor O3 0-1.00 ppm Exhaust Monitoring
9602-6100 MST Sensor PH3 0-1.00 ppm 2El.
9602-6102 MST Sensor PH3 0-1.00 ppm 3El.
9602-9710 MST Sensor SF6 0-0.500 %-vol. (Pyrolyzer only)
9602-6301 MST Sensor SiH4 0-50.0 ppm
9602-5900 MST Sensor SO2 0-25.0 ppm
9602-7500 MST Sensor TEOS 0-100 ppm
9602-7510 MST Sensor TMB 0-500 ppm
9602-7800 MST Sensor TMP 0-30.0 ppm

Spares and Accessories

9602.0014.10.00 Option Extractive Module XT Adapter Kit
9602.0050.10.01 Mounting Rail standard, DIN rail 90 x 35 x 7.5 mm
9602.0050.10.03 Mounting Rail standard, DIN rail 180 x 35 x 7.5 mm
9602.0051.10.02 Mounting plate L-shaped with DIN rail
9602.0090.00.01 Sensor Extension 2m Standard
9602.0091.00.01 Sensor Extension 3m
9602.0092.00.01 Sensor Extension 1m
9602.0093.00.01 Sensor Extension 2m Combustible
9602.0094.00.01 Sensor Extension 3m Combustible
9902-4000 Saddle 4''
9902-4010 Saddle 6''
9902-4020 Saddle 8''
9902-4030 Saddle 10''
9902-4040 Saddle 12''
9902-4100 Saddle 1.5''
9902-4110 Saddle 2''
9902-4120 Saddle 2.5''
9902-4130 Saddle 3''
9902-4200 Saddle flat
9602.0095.40.00 Calibration Cap for Satellite
9602.0097.10.00 Metal Sensor Adapter for Sensor Extension complete
9602.0098.10.00 Adapter Sensor Extension complete
9602.0099.10.00 Adapter Sensor Extension C complete
9902.0008.40.00 1 1/4" to M40 adapter
02000-A-1635 Weatherproof cap for use with toxic detector including remote gassing nozzle (for Sensepoint, Signalpoint, Satellite (with adapter), XNX MPD and Series 2000)
02000-A-1640 Weatherproof cap for use with combustible detector including remote gassing nozzle (for Sensepoint, Signalpoint, Satellite (with adapter), XNX MPD and Series 2000)
02000-A-1642 Collecting cone for use with flammable detector (for Sensepoint, Signalpoint, Satellite (with adapter), XNX MPD and Series 2000)
02000-A-1645 Flow Housing Assembly (for Sensepoint, Signalpoint, Satellite (with adapter), XNX MPD and Series 2000)
Note: Adapter 9902.0008.40.00 must be ordered, when using 02000-A-1635/1640/1642/1645 with Satellite XT Sensors.
9608.0039.10.00 Sensor Extension PU/EU Std.
9608.0040.10.00 Sensor Extension PU/EU Combustible
9604.0090.00.00 Flashback Arrestor
9003.0040.10.00 Heater Element compl.
1991-0136 Inlet Tubing, FEP Teflon 100' 1/4 x 1/8
1991-0137 Exhaust Tubing, Poly 100' 1/4" OD

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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