Svantek SVAN 977A

Svantek SVAN 977A Sound & Vibration Analyser

The SVAN 977A is a Class 1 Sound and Vibration meter designed for occupational and environmental measurement applications. The SVAN 977A is a successor of SVAN 977 offering bigger memory 16 GB and the Bluetooth® interface as a software option that can be enabled at any time. The meter provides broad-band results such as Leq, Max, Min and Peak with all standard weighting filters together with an incredible time-history logging feature with two adjustable logging steps.

One unique feature of the SVAN 977A is ultrasound measurement band up to 40 kHz. The ultrasound band is normally considered as the frequency range above 20 kHz. Ultrasound is used in a number of industrial processes such as cleaning, drilling or welding as well as hospitals for medical procedures. The built-in Bluetooth interface together with smart-phone application, SvanMobile, extends measurement capabilities with all the features offered by smartphones including text/voice comments, photo, video, GPS position etc.

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With the option of time signal recording SVAN 977A can record the raw signal samples with defined frequency up to 48 kHz. Analysis of the raw signal is used whenever frequency analysis is not sufficient. Post-processing of high quality wave files (48 kHz, 24 bit) such as calculation of tonality is available in SvanPC++ program. Time signal is recorded in a wave format which means that it can be played back in the PC software and used for noise source recognition (audio recording).

The SVAN 977A kit consists of SVAN   977A Class 1 sound & vibration level meter with a detachable preamplifier SV 12L and high quality omni-directional SV  7052E microphone, compliant to IEC61094-4. The list of accessories includes: SA 143 carrying case, SA  22 windscreen, 16 GB microSD card, four AA batteries, USB cable, and CD with user manual. Each SVAN     977A has its factory calibration certificate and 36 months warranty card.

With an optional microphone and 1/3 octave or FFT analysis SVAN    977A provides analysis of the ultrasounds up to 40 kHz. The ultrasound band is normally considered as the frequency range above 20 kHz. Limits of permissible ultrasound levels are usually expressed in terms of Leq and Max values specified in 1/3 octave bands for 20 kHz, 25 kHz, 31.5 kHz and 40 kHz.


SVAN 977A Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyser including 1/1 octave analysis, Bluetooth and SvanMobile Android APP.
SV 977_2 1/3 octave analysis option
SV 977_4 FFT analysis option
SV 977_5 Reverberation time analysis (RT60) option
SV 977_8 Rotation measurement option without Laser Tachometer option
SVRPM_PROB Laser Tachometer with SC 69 cable
SV 977_15 Time domain signal recording and audio events recording option
SvanPC++_EM Environmental monitoring module for SvanPC++ (hardware key, single license)
SvanPC++_BA Building acoustic module for SvanPC++ (hardware key, single license)
SVAN 977 - accessories included :
SV 7052E prepolarised microphone and SV12L preamplifier, SC 16 USB cable, SA 22 Windscreen, 4 x AA batteries,
SA 62 4GB uSD card, CD with instruction, SA 143 carrying case
SVAN 977 - available accessories:
SV 33 class 1 acoustic calibrator: 1000 Hz/114 dB
SV 80 Accelerometer 100 mV/g, TNC top connector, 10-32 mounting hole
SC 27 TNC (plug) to TNC (plug) coil cable (2 m)
SV 55 RS232 interface option for the SVAN 957, SVAN 979 (SC 55 not included)
SC 26 Extension cable TNC (plug) to TNC (socket) (3 m)
SA 06 Microphone preamplifier holder
SA 15 Power supply unit for SVAN 95x, SVAN 912AE, SV 06A/08A, SVAN 943B/948/949
SA 17A External battery unit (6 x AA batteries) for the SVAN 977 and SVAN 979
SA 22 Windscreen for 1/2" microphone
SA 143 Carrying case for SVAN 95x and accessories
SA 47 Carrying bag for SVAN 95x and accessories (fabric material)
SA 270D Desiccator for outdoor protection kits SA271, SA277, SA279
SA 277 Outdoor protection kit for SVAN 977 microphone (microphone, desiccator and cable not included)