Techne Open Liqud Calibration Baths

Techne offer the most comprehensive range of liquid baths on the market with a choice of four different temperature controllers and five stainless steel baths with a capacity from 8 to 48 litres. Twenty different combinations of bath offer temperature management over the range of -40degC* to +200degC to suit most laboratory calibration applications. Each model has a rugged splash proof case, with all submerged parts being made from stainless steel or high temperature engineering plastic. Powerful pressure circulation pumps with external circulation connections are fitted as standard on all models (excluding the TU-20HT).

Inlet and outlet pipes at the rear of the controller can be used for external circulation to control the temperature of other apparatus or sealed for circulation within the bath itself. (excluding the TU-20HT).

The baths are also suitable for below ambient temperature applications with a cooling coil (optional extra) or with a Dip or Flow Cooler, for temperatures down to -35degC, please see page 16 or contact our Sales Office for further information.

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PortableThermoregulators Inventors of the "Clip On" thermoregulator in 1948, Techne now offer four new "Clip On" units. These new thermoregulators will convert your existing liquid bath or container into a precision temperature controlled bath with an exceptional thermal performance and offer a full range of options such as external circulation, analogue or digital set/readout, high pump output and RS232 interface.

The software package 'Thermsoft' is available as an accessory with the TU-20D and standard with the TU-20HT allowing the user to program via a PC, temperature, ramp rates and hold time. Control packs for refrigeration units and cooling coils allow for programmed rates of cooling.


The Tempette clip-on thermoregulator offers a temperature range of -20degC* to +95degC covering most routine laboratory calibration applications.

A circulating pump with external circulation connections is standard, as is an adjustable over temperature cut-out.



This Tempunit offers a temperature range of between -40degC* to +120degC.

There is a digital temperature selector, circulating pump with external circulation connections, adjustable over temperature cut-out and low liquid level cut-out



A wide temperature range of -40degC* to +200degC can be digitally selected with this model of the Tempunit.

This unit incorporates the additional feature of RS232 connection.



This Tempunit covers the temperature range - 40degC* to +250degC, is designed for internal circulation only and has an audible alarm fitted.

Features RS232 connection and Thermsoft Software package and lead as standard.