Techne Sample Cooling (N° ICE & BL°CKICE)


The Techne N° ICE is ideal for incubating any number or size of samples at subambient temperatures for long periods of time. Instead of the normal situation in the laboratory with tubes floating in melting wet ice, the ceramic-coated beads maintain the temperature and support the sample vessels for as long as necessary.

The beads are chemically resistant and if required can be autoclaved at 134°C. As a time saving option, the bucket of beads can be incubated in the fridge overnight and simply inserted into the unit as and when required.

  Ideal for maintaining reagents at 4°C for the whole working laboratory day
  Temperature range of 0 to 40°C
  Temperature displayed in °C or °F
  Autoclavable ceramic-coated beads


The Techne cooling block, the BL°CKICE is ideal for incubating samples at sub-ambient temperatures. Holding two standard aluminium blocks from the Dri-Block range the BL°CKICE offers fast cool down times to ensure the unit is quickly available for use.

The integrated timer allows up to 9 days to be programmed, which is more than enough for laboratory applications and the timer will not start until a stable temperature has been reached.

  Temperature range of 0 to 40°C
  Count up and count down timer
  Temperature displayed in °C or °F
  Buzzer indicates reaching the set temperature and the end of the elapsed time
  Holds 2 aluminium insert blocks


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FNOICE - N° ICE complete with bucket and beads, 0 to 40°C
FICEBUCKET - N° ICE spare bucket
FTCOOLBE - N° ICE replacement ceramic beads
FBLOCKICE - BL°CKICE, 0 to 40°C, requires 2 block inserts