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Testo 312 Precision Manometer

Testo 312-2 (0632 0313)

Precision manometer up to 40/200 hPa, DVGW approval, incl. alarm display, battery and calibration protocol

The versatile Testo 312-3 pressure meter facilitates load and gas-tightness tests on gas and water pipelines up to 6000 hPa (6 bar), fuel pressure measurements on stationary gas motors, vacuum or differential pressure measurement in motor suction pipes.

Use the Testo 312-2 precision manometer to check flue gas draught, differential pressure in the combustion chamber compared with ambient pressure or gas flow pressure with high resolution.

Fine pressures with a resolution of 0.01 hPa can be measured in the range from 0 to 40 hPa.

  Switchable measuring ranges, ideal resolution
  Compensation of reading deviations caused by temperature
  Alarm display when user defined limit values are exceeded
  Clear display with time
  Printout on site (optional)
  With alarm function
  Printout of data incl. software, instrument number, date/time on Testo printer
  Quick data printout on location
  DVGW approval

Testo 312-3 (0632 0314)

Versatile pressure meter up to 300/6000 hPa, DVGW approval, incl. alarm display, battery and calibration protocol

Testo 312-3, the versatile manometer for the pre-test and main test on gas and water pipelines up to 6 bar. Pressure changes caused by changes in temperature during the measurement are balanced out by the temperature compensation function.

  Clear display with time
  Switchable precision measuring ranges with high resolution
  Alarm when user-defined limit values are exceeded
  Fast reporting of measurement data on site
  DVGW tested

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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