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Testo 360 Reference Flue Gas Analyser

  Accuracy fully compatible to stationary measurement technology
  Tested for suitability for all systems according to TA-air, 13. and 17. BImSchV
  Possible measurement parameters: O2, CO, NO, NO2, CO2 (NDIR), CxHy, %H2O
  Measurement of water content of the flue gas, flow velocity, differential pressure and temperature
  Long-term stable sensor, no test gas necessary at measurement site
  Integrated low-absorbtion Peltier measurement gas preparation (patemted)
  Applicable under extreme ambient conditions

Official emission measurements of industrial flue gases (e.g. single measurement according to � 26, 28 BlmSchG) are ideally carried out today using a compact, portable measuring instrument of robust design. The advantage: easy transport in a car and a considerable reduction of effort.

The object of the monitoring of thermal processes is to maintain or improve product quality. Extreme conditions, such as high gas concentrations, dust contamination, high ambient temperatures and necessary long-term measurements, are often encountered.

In emission tests, the Testo 360 is able to record even extreme values, and in addition to this, to withstand high ambient temperatures and radiation heat, thanks to a switchable measuring range extension.

In the servicing of industrial combustion systems, serial measurements require not only extreme accuracy from portable multi-function measuring instruments, but also a robust design for long-term measurements for the purposes of the optimum adjustment of burners. Further demands are a high level of reliability and low follow-on costs. The testo 360 additionally offers a data logger function over several days or weeks, as well as a maintenance-friendly set-up.

Data Sheet

Design and Function - The Testo 360 reference measuring system consists of an analyser unit, a notebook and the flue gas probe. All of the sensors (max. 7 gas sensors), the flue gas moisture measurement unit (optional), the measuring range extension unit (gas dilution, optional) velocity measurement (optional) as well as a low absorption gas preparation Peltier cooling unit are located in the analyser. The flue gas probe is connected to the heated hose with integrated filter: either the modular industrial probe or any non-Testo or special probes via an adapter.

Handling - Testo 360 is easily transported by the operator. The fold-up trolley on which the analyser is placed when working is ideal for this purpose.

Operation and Analysis - The notebook is protected from ambient influences during long-term measurements by the lid which can be locked. Measurements are taken using WINDOWS software. The measured data is saved as ASCII on the notebook's hard disk and can be integrated into any analysis program. The analyser can be operated and data can be transmitted via telephone modem or computer network.

Continuous measurements - For the purpose of accuracy testing, test gas can be supplied directly to the instrument via a test gas input (option).

Maintenance and Service - Testo 360 has been designed so that the user can easily change the sensors - also without calibration gases.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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