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Testo 480 Multi-Function VAC Measuring Instrument

Part Number 0563 4800

  Measurement of all VAC-relevant parameters: flow velocity, temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, radiant heat, degree of turbulence, CO2, PMV/PPD and WBGT index
  High-quality, digital probes and intelligent calibration concept
  Highly accurate, integrated differential pressure sensor
  Fast and professional report creation via PC software "EasyClimate"
  Integrated, guided measurement programs:
- VAC grid measurement according to EN 12599
- PMV/PPD measurement according to ISO 7730
- degree of turbulence measurement according to EN 13779
- WBGT-measurement based on ISO 7243 / DIN 33403

All VAC-relevant parameters can be recorded, analysed and documented using just one instrument, the Testo 480 Multi-Function VAC Measuring Instrument.

With excellent accuracy and practice-oriented handling, the Testo 480 stands high, supporting many different types of user in the ventilation and air conditioning field, including assessors, consultants, technical service providers or service technicians.

Quick and efficient measurement tasks such as the standard adjusting of VAC systems in an office, can be carried out using the Testo 480.

The Testo 480 Multi-Function VAC Measuring Instrument is equipped with digital intelligent probes, which are calibrated independently of the hand-held instrument.

Data Sheet


System case for comfort level measurement 0516 4801

System case for grid measurements 0516 4800

Tripod for workplace evaluation with holders for hand instrument and probe; can also be used as probe extension, e.g. for 100 mm probe 0554 0743

Connection hose, silicone-free, 5 m, load to max. 700 hPa 0554 0453

Connection hose, silicone, 5 m, load to max. 700 hPa 0554 0440

Funnel set comprising funnel for disc valves (Ø 200 mm) and funnel for fans (330 x 330 mm) for supply and exhaust air 0563 4170

Testovent 410, flow rate funnel, Ø 340 mm/330 x 330 mm, incl. case 0554 0410

Testovent 415, flow rate funnel, Ø 210 mm/190 x 190 mm, incl. case 0554 0415

Testo high speed printer with wireless infrared interface, 1 roll of thermal paper and 4 AA batteries 0554 0549

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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